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April 2018
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Felwood Five-O

Well, I didn’t play ALL that much this weekend.. Ok, Ok.. I’m lying.. I was about 45 minutes late on Saturday so we didn’t get to do Z’A.  Of course, they could have organized something without me… Ah well.. 😀

I did spend more time leveling Freez. Saturday I got him to level 49 all by myself! (My leveling buddies were out of town for the evening)  I still have a lot of catching up to do, so I do need some time on my own to get up there.. Probably won’t catch up until 60..

On Sunday, Pil and Kezz were back and we made our way (after some pit stops in Searing Gorge and Feralas) to Felwood to work on the quests there.. It’s amazing how much faster this stuff is with friends (I think I keep saying that.. It’s True! It’s True!).  And, wonder of wonders, I dinged 50! (And I’m now > 50% toward 51).. Once he’s ready Freez can now learn the Master in my professions (Enchanting and Jewelcrafting).  I think he is currently at 298 in Enchanting and nowhere near 300 in JC..

FreezInTheGrass_072608_222446 Tonight will probably be more leveling goodness I would think since Monday is another “dead” day.  We should probably go back to running heroics or something, but I am enjoying this leveling process right now.  Maybe won’t be as much fun once we hit 60, but I bet it will.. The three of us are Hunter, Rogue, Priest. Except that the Priest is Shadow right now. I have no idea if Kezz is going to take her priest holy when we get to outland (or even at 70) or not.

I suppose we shall see! :)  I am mainly leveling my rogue for the professions and his lockpicking skill is pretty useful.. (although really difficult to level)..  Ok.. Time to go.. Still have the podcast to work on.. Later All!

Sounds Like A Wookizhan

2nd night. Second night of kara run was last night.  (of course you knew that didnt’ you?)…

And I’m just too freaking tired to put too many interesting words together so that you, my 100 or so readers [not really sure that there are that many.. I think the stats lie… LIARS!!! LIARS!].. Oh, ahem, sorry… So that you my readers (thank you) can pretend that, just for a second, you are the amazing Booming Wildkin/Owlkin/Wookiekin of Doomation (With nifty neato eyebrows of searing intensity) [or something like that]..

Ok. Maybe that isn’t why you read. It could be the bribing I do to a select few of you (did you get your checks?).  I’m just not sure what keeps you coming back. But if you are here so that you can hear about what Kara was like, well… Ok. Here we go..

AgainTrees_072308_223736 ARGHHGHGH! I’m dying! Heal me! Heal me! Hey! You there? Can you hear me on vent?  Are you on vent? Is anyone there? DON’T MOVE FLAME WREATH! Argh, I’m lagging again.. Can anyone here me? YOU SOUND LIKE A WOOKIE! I’m dead again! Any battle rezzes left? I’m running back. Kill him Kill him! DIE DIE DIE DIE. Drag her to the healer! Do you want that? Roll for it! Grats!

The previous sounds of war brought to you by the offices of Kitheme, Eimtyrd and Gohawee… We don’t want clients, just leave us in peace.

Tonight is another Kara run (whoopie).  I signed up my priest to help out since we might be a little short on healers. I am not sure I really want to go, but, ah well.. :)  I’ll let you know how this one went tomorrow.

Test… Woot

I am testing out the wordpress app on my iPod touch. Pretty cool so far…


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