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Looking for an Xpert

Didn’t do a huge about of playing last night.  I got on at the appointed hour but was not selected to go to kara.  We have a lot more peeps signing up now so it is to be expected I wouldn’t go to all of them.  I think that I might be taking over at least one Kara run, so then I guess I am guaranteed a spot in there.. LOL…

Anyway. I spent some time on Freez doing a few more of the quests I had around. I ran into Un’Goro and got the flight path there (almost feels like cheating with that FP now). Also worked on my enchanting skill which I got to ~320. My lockpicking is just under 250 now. I need to go chest hunting in one of the lockpicking training grounds.

On a side note, I signed up for PlayXpert today and will be trying it out tonight. It is a pretty interesting activeX overlay system that has “gizmos”. The gizmo’s consist of things like a web browser, chat program (aim/yahoo/etc), VOIP, taskmanager, etc.  I think they actually call them widgets.. Gotta get my terminology straight.

playxpert So, I’ll be messing with it tonight to see how it is and if it slows down the game, etc.  If any of you have played with it before, let me know (either in feedback or comments).  I really have no idea if I will use it or find it useful at all.  It might just take up space on the screen and become annoying.. who knows!  But I will try to remember to give you the low down tomorrow (if I end up using it).

I asked the RL if I could sub in tonight for the Prince on Fyra so that I could have a shot at the T4 helm.  I don’t know if he plans to take the same group from last night or not.  There were a few more undergeared folk in the raid than I would have been comfortable with, but they did well nonetheless.  Other than that, I would like to get back to leveling Freez. I really am having fun with him!

A “Burning” Desire..

Last night was a “nostalgia” night in Mythos although I didn’t set foot inside MC until well after TBC (I took a hiatus from WoW for a while when I hit 59 or so. We dragged ~14 of us kicking and screaming into the fiery pit of doom! It was a blast. I have to say I was really tired and given that most of the fights I was either de-cursing the whole time or just spamming wrath (cuz I was enjoying myself and not caring as much about mana) I think I fell asleep for about 10 seconds a few times.  (Yes, I brought Fyra)

We only wiped once on the Baron because we just really weren’t paying attention I think.  Tanks and melee were staying in on the big blow up thing and I missed my “pot” button on the way down from being thrown up in the air (and subsequently was the first or second to die.. bah).

Golemagg_073008_003314 When we got to Rag, there was a point at which I took over some healing since most of the healers had been blown away and were trying to get back into the fight. Of course, given the healing aggro I picked up, I got smoked by his little adds when he submerged. I got a battle rez and then rezzed our rogue and we took the big dude down!  It was pretty awesome all in all and the one non-70 we brought (an alt hunter of one of our tanks) got 4 Giantstalker pieces!  It was pretty funny. 

But anyway.  Again, it was a good time and I think we all appreciated the “break” it gave from the normal grinding/farming/raiding/instancing/etc. Tonight it’s back to Kara. I signed Fyra up and actually am hoping to be able to go. She still really needs a TON of badges and still doesn’t have the T4 helm (of course that would be the Thursday part of the run anyway).

Hammer_073008_011544 I finally got Freez up to >300 enchanting and also went and got his Master level of enchanting skill.. Now it is just a matter of picking which enchants I’m going to do to level myself up.  I already got to 310 doing +ap to my bracers.  Since it uses Arcane Dust and I had > 400…. I should (hopefully) have enough mats to get me up pretty high.  We’ll just have to see. I’m sure I will also be getting even more of those mats as he levels up and upgrades gear.  Since I can d/e my own soulbound greens/blues/purples.. :D  Exciting times, eh?


Yeah. Another quiet night last night. Went and did some solo quests on Freez and got him to the ripe old level of 51! Did some quests in Azshara and killing stuff by myself nets me much more XP than in a group although it isn’t as quick nor as fun! I still need to get a couple more levels in enchanting to get to 300. I should just go ahead and buy the mats I need.. 😛

Tonight we are going old skool! The guild is heading back to Molten Core for a qiuck run through. I’m not really sure why, but it sounds like fun anyway.  Normally we would be trying to get a group together to go into Gruul’s but it seems that we are still lacking key players at this point.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll be back on track.

A Priest, A Hunter and a Rogue walk into a bar….


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