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A Salamander, a Spider and a Dog

Walk into a raid.. Ok, not the most exciting beginning to a joke, eh? Of course, I’m talking about some of the new bosses both in Firelands and the new Baradin Hold boss. We went back into Firelands te last couple weeks and managed to get Shannox down. We’ve got a pretty good strategy going and other than the Tank getting beaten to a pulp just after we kill the second dog, everything went pretty smoothly. We then, unfortunately, decided to give Beth a try.. Wow.. I’ve found my new “hate” fight (or at least extreme dislike). Given that I am playing my Hunter, I get the “o so fun” position of Skitterer killer (or whatever they are called). While we have nice AOE, we are also reliant on Focus that our AOE uses. It makes for very interesting difficulties when handling a large number of little guys. Needless to say, we didn’t get her down and tonight we are going to start with a different boss (thank you!).

Doggie_071311_001052After the run, we had Baradin Hold and went into slay the Dog with 2 heads and 1,000 eyes. The explanation our RL gave didn’t give me hopeful thoughts but we managed to get him down 3 seconds before the enrage timer.. I got some PvP Boots that might actually be better than my current PvE boots even with the resilience on them.. Sad smile  I’ll have to see how the stats go.

On a side note, I picked up RIFT (I know, Blasphemy!) while Steam was having a sale (it was $10) and have been enjoying messing around on there. I found a few people I know and joined up with their guild. I haven’t done too much and only played about 9 hours total so far, but, like many have said, it’s very WoW-like and, for me, that is exactly what I was looking for. I’m pretty sure, while I will keep playing and I’m still enjoying WoW, this will be my “gateway drug” until SW:TOR comes down from on-high to suck up what remains of my free time.

I Hate Hunters

Well, not all of them. In fact, only one in particular. Shannox.. Let’s take a step back. I have to say that I am very impressed with the rollout of 4.2. I think Blizzard did a great job on this patch and the rollout, for me at least, went very smoothly. Most of my addons were working (which is a testament to the addon authors, not necessarily Blizzard) and my guild was able to head into the Raid right away without any issues.

Ok, back to Shannox. So, we went into the Firelands raid on Tuesday (10 man) and began to kill trash.. Of course, by that I mean we wiped on trash at least twice. We had no idea how to get to Shannox so we killed trash and made our way around to where it showed on the new Journal (which I have to say is really cool although there are a few details about the fights that should be included like un-tautableness). Of course, this is not the right way to do it. The idea for Shannox is to start killing trash and keep killing trash until he decides he’s had enough of you killing his posse. At that point he will start pathing around and you can pick him up wherever you’ve decided is a good place for the fight.

WoWScrnShot_062811_214525Shannox is a Hunter. We know this because he drops traps. He even has the Trap Launcher (great, who’s idea what that…). Worst thing is, he has 2 pets! WHAT?!? How come I can’t have 2 pets.. Booo!  Anyway, these 2 pets are dogs. They have great names, Riplimb and Rageface. They suck. We had a lot of issues with the strategy we were using on Tuesday because we didn’t really understand the mechanics. On Wednesday, things went much better.

We used a strategy of having one tank on Shannox and one on Riplimb (the only 2 you CAN tank even though they are untauntable) then we had the tanks move them decently far from each other but not too far because it buffs Shannox if you do. The idea is that when the dog goes for the spear he throws, it gives the tanks a chance to drop the stacks of debuff they get from them. The DPS meanwhile are taking down Rageface. He is a real pain in the.. He randomly attacks people and then will do a “facerage” on one person. To get him off you have to do a single hit for 30,000 damage (more in 25). Our team focused on him and got him down first.

WoWScrnShot_062911_225004Once you get him down, Shannox gets a buff. At this point we worked on Shannox a bit to get him down to the 40%-ish mark. If you get him to 30% before killing both dogs, they get a crazy buff and it’s pretty much all over. So, we get him down to the 40s and then kill Riplimb. Once Riplimb is down, Shannox gets another buff and it’s a DPS race to get him down. We found, at least last night, that he was enraging at 10 minutes. No, we haven’t gotten him down, but we did get to 10%.

One of the biggest things that got us was the traps. Specifically the crystal prison traps. If someone gets caught in the trap, you need to break them out. That is 700k damage that you could be doing on the dogs or the boss. I cannot say I was perfect at avoiding the traps and moving when I saw one dropped on me, but most of the time they are avoidable. If we had only 2 less prisons to kill, we might easily have gotten him down. Remember that also is time spent against the enrage timer we think he has.

WoWScrnShot_062911_230636A good site we found with decent strategies that I would take a look at is Icy Veins. Our Raid Leader got most of our information from there and they do a good job even showing you screenshots of the different traps so you can learn to recognize them.

I have been having a great time, so far, with this 4.2 release and, while I hate Shannox just like every new boss we face, I do like the more interesting mechanics we deal with. Additionally, while we didn’t get a boss down, that doesn’t mean we didn’t get da lootz! I , personally, got 2 leatherworking patterns (one mail caster and leather physical dps [I think])  and new Bracers. Finally, I got to replace my blue bracers with some pretty great BoE bracers that dropped, not once, but TWICE last night. We also hit Friendly with the new faction in there and were able to buy new cloaks. With the new bracers and cloak I was able to un-reforge a bunch of items that I had reforged for hit.

On a side note, I did the Thrall questline on my druid and got a pretty sweet cloak upgrade from that also. I thought the questline was entertaining and the mechanics of the tasks generally interesting.

So far, 4.2 is a thumbs up for me.

Stand IN the Fire(lands)

I have to say that, personally, I am excited for the 4.2 patch a.k.a. Firelands. If you couldn’t tell, my WoW playing has been primarily logging in to raid on Tues, Wed and Thurs. For a while now, we’ve been sitting people out of our 10 man on/off based on people needing certain gear from certain bosses. This is all non-heroic except for Halfus.

I have had all the gear I’m looking for from everyone except for Chimaeron, Nefarian and the Chest upgrade from Heroic Halfus. So generally I offer to sit out because I’m nice that way .. (lol)  What I’m most excited for in 4.2 is the new raid. Part of the reason I offer to sit out besides the work I can get done if I am not playing is that I’m getting somewhat bored of this content. I know, we’ve only even attempted one boss in heroic mode so how could I be bored?

WoWScrnShot_050511_222402Well, it looks like we’re not really planning on trying the other heroics until 4.2 drops anyway and, at that point, why should we bother other than achievements. I can’t say I did not like the “entry-level’” raids in Cataclysm. I enjoyed them quite a bit. I still enjoy the encounters and playing with my friends when I AM in the raid too. I just love new stuff.. Who doesn’t? I’m also excited to see what Blizzard learned from these dungeons and how they are making the new stuff better.

I’m not all that interested in the dailies, I think. I’ve never been very fond of things like that. The other changes coming with 4.2? I’m a big proponent of change in MMOs and especially in WoW. I think it gives more “spice” to the game and if they didn’t make all these changes, what would all the Bloggers, Podcasters and Forum Posters (read Trolls) write/talk/whine/argue about?

FimlysLion_050411_002604I also think that Blizzard has to start moving faster with the additional content, unfortunately for them. With each new release you see the speed at which we seem to, not necessarily FINISH the content. but become somewhat “bored” (not really the right word, but I can’t think of the one that is more fitting right now) with what we’re doing. I don’t know that the content is easier or that the content is less interesting. I think much of it can be attributed to ever growing number of “veterans”. We’re building up a tolerance! We need bigger, better, faster to keep our WoW “high” going and I think that’s why we see more and quicker drop-off with each new release.

Fimlys_061511_234825I’m not even sure there is a solution to this. The experiment of rebuilding EVERYTHING? I would deem it a half-success. I know that the players on the top end are a small percentage and that many people are happily leveling alts and alts of alts and alts of alts of alts but I think that there is also a large group of players (not just made up of raiders) which consumed what content was available and to their liking and now hunger for more.

I suppose we’ll just have to see how Blizzard moves forward now. They HAVE promised bigger, faster, better.. Well, maybe not “promised”. I’m looking forward to this patch and I’m looking forward to what they have to tell us at Blizzcon this year. I’m hoping that the next expansion is on the agenda. It’s about the right time.. Again, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Oh, and I got my Worgen Warrior, Fuzzbucket, to level 20! Woot!

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