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Stuck In Arena With You

Had an interesting experience trying to PvP last night. I was invited to join some guildies in a 5v5 arena team last night and finally we went in.  It seemed to be very laggy getting into the arena itself though.  We lost the first match and when we all died, we stood up and sat there for a while not leaving the arena. After a minute or so we were let out. We joined again and won the next match.  Same thing happened.. Except… It didn’t let us out.  We stood there for 15 minutes or more and no luck.  Finally we alt-f4’ed out and logged into a different toon.  One of the guys logged a ticket and the GM was able to remove them from the arena but didn’t offer an explanation (I think).

WoWScrnShot_080408_225807 We gave up on the arena idea for now since we didn’t want that to happen again and I went back onto Freez to get some more leveling done.  I was about 6k from getting to 55 and Pil and Kezz logged in and we proceeded to the Burning Steppes. Got most of the quests done there (other than the dungeon and raid ones) and I even got my lockpicking maxed for lvl 55 by opening 2 of the locked doors in BRD while we were over there killing Pyron. I ended up getting really close to level 56 in the end (about 20k I think) but it was really late and I had to log.

Tonight is Gruul’s (in guild) if we have enough ppl to go.  I guess today was a short post again.. 🙂 Well, there really wasn’t much to tell. OH! WAIT! Episode 11 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is up and running! Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Got Ony Gruuling Fish Tales?

OMG! This weekend was just.. freaking… crazy… The number of new/unusual (for me) things that happened was just unreal. I suppose I can go day to day again… It all blurs together though.. ugh..


I logged in a bit later than usual on Friday since we had a house guest.  Not long after I did though I was whispered by a guldie and asked if I wanted to join an Onyxia raid. Sure! The only toon I have attuned to Ony is Fhuun, so I logged him in and headed out (remembering my amulet…) for the marsh. I didn’t have the new flight point so I ended up “hoofing” it until 2 peeps got tot he stone.. Ends up we are 5 manning her!  Wow.. This should be fun.. I know at least 2 of the 5 have been part of 3-man Ony teams, but this is my FIRST TIME EVER going after her.

WoWScrnShot_080108_232119 Things went as well as they could. We got her down in 15 minutes or so and no deaths.  We had a Bear Tank, Shaman and Priest healers (my priest) and a Hunter and Mage for DPS (although I did some DPS too since 2 healers weren’t really needed). I got a few things but nothing all that exciting.  But the gold was definitely worth 15 minutes of work.. LOL


HK_080208_214441 I actually logged in on time (which I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do) and was immediately tagged by the main Raid Leader asking if I wanted to bring a DPS into a Gruuls/Mag run.  Seems that we were invited to bring a few folks to fill up a raid that another guild was doing. I responded that I would like to bring Fyra and I switched over and headed over to Gruul.

The group was pretty good.  They were more chatty on vent than we are, but that was fine. We had an issue on the first HK pull (mage tank went down very quickly because of bad timing), but the second went great.  First time they had 2 hunters tanking Kiggler but then our RL (mythos’) suggested that I tank him and relieve the hunters from having to worry about it. That sealed the deal (and a better pull) and we killed ‘em all! (Including me…) Mage tank went down with about 20% health on that dude he is supposed to tank.. Guess who got aggro next…. *DINGDING* Yep.. down I go.. BooM.. 

Next up is Gruul.. We spread out. Did our thing and he went SPLAT! OMG! It was pretty awesome to be part of a group that one-shot Gruul.. I know I know.. People do it all the time.. Not us! It was exciting.. Next up was deciding where we were going next.  Supposedly we didn’t have enough warlocks and some other class to do Magtheradon so the vote was to go clear us some SSC trash.

Lurker_080308_003655We headed on down and after quite a while of switching people up, we finally got started. Trash went down pretty easily with 0 wipes. We made it all the way around the ring and down into the Lurker pond. We had a few problems with our first attempt at him/her/it… (him from now on). We got him down pretty far (below 30% I think) but lost too many people along the way.  It was the first time for many of them trying him.

LurkerClose_080308_003655On the second try, we did 800% better! Everyone jumped in the water when they needed to. We got the adds down in time for the tanks to get back in place and stuff… just… worked. He went down to a bunch of hooting and hollering and we found out that this other guild hadn’t killed Lurker yet either! So, it was a first kill for both guild and was extremely exciting. After that the raid was called and we went about our business.


WoWScrnShot_080308_212038 This was a more normal night for me.  Got on in time and joined Kezz and Pil on more leveling goodness.  We went and had a little fun in Azshara and then went back into Felwood. All of the quests pushed me up to 70%+ into level 54! Just 3 and a bit more levels and we’re heading for Outland! I’m very excited. Freez is pretty fun to play still for now and he’s really moving up his enchanting skill too.  My biggest goal is to be able to make the oils. I hate begging.. LOL

And tonight? I think it might be more leveling.  I am also tapped to run the Kara raid this week starting Wed. Should be fun. 🙂 I think I have typed enough.. My fingers are tired.. I’ll type u all later.

52 Card Pickup

Did you guess? Freez is 52.. Ha.. The levels are coming fast, eh? I’m sure this will slow down when he hits 60. It has the other times too.  Of course, having people to help you kill Devilsaurs in Un’Goro always helps! 😀

I tried that PlayXpert thing, but it was a bust.. I couldn’t type into the overlays. It might be something with my video driver or the Live Mesh thing I have also (which has it’s own video driver thingy I think).  Ah well.  I can do without it, just seemed pretty cool..

So, back to WoW. I spent the night killing and collecting in Un’Goro (like I said).  We had a pretty good time and got to 52 1/2. After we were done, I went to Darnassus to turn in a quest (soil quest) and then go to the rogue trainer.. It was at that point that I discovered that Freez didn’t have enough gold to fully train all the stuff that was available! Ooops! So, I logged into my bank and transferred him some money.  At that point it was really late and I decided to call it a night.  I’ll finish his training tonight.. 😛

Dedisaur_080108_011152 I will probably be logging in “late” tonight and so if there is a guild raid, I will probably not be on it (unless it starts late too).  I really should take some time and do some dailies to build back up some more reserve in my cash. I’ve been using it lately for leveling Enchanting and JC on Freez. Or I might just level Freez some more.  Getting to level 53 tonight would be nice..

I’ll be back on Monday then with a recap of the weekend (possibly) or just some general ramblings… I’m pretty good at those, eh?

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