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May 2018
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Yes, I have started playing Spore.. No, it hasn’t eaten into my WoW time yet… Above are some of the creatures I have creatured.. Um.. Well, and some houses/cars/etc too. I like that it shows each iteration of your creatures, but maybe it would be cooler of it made like a “folder” for it and showed the evolution.  So, you could click on a creature and it would have a section that showed all the previous iterations of that creature in the game. Anyway, it is pretty fun although there are sections that can be a bit boring.  You get past those though and it’s a blast especially if you are a creative type. 🙂

In WoW last night? Oh yeah.. We headed into SSC even though we were a little short and wiped a few times on the Lurker.. 🙁  We had to call it after a couple hours though since people had to leave.  Afterwards, I logged into Freez (yep, he is still level 70… 😛 ) and went to pick up his flying mount.  ***DISCOVERED SHADOWMOON VALLEY*** … OMG… Ha!

After that Pil, Kezz and I took our (not so little) toons out to Netherstorm to start some of the quests there.. ***DISCOVERED NETHERSTORM*** .. OMG! So, anyway. Spent lots of gold. Made some gold too. Switched over to Furis/Fizz and got them about halfway to 56 with 2 quests in Burning Steppes (I think that is what it is called).  I’m ready for someone to take me into BRD now I think.  Tonight is Kara though. We are going to try to get together 2 runs at the same time! Wish us luck!

Emergency Broadcast System

We’re taking a quick break from our regularly scheduled ramblings for a special emergency announcement.. No, this has nothing to do with IKE (Hurricane down here), this has to do with Freez.  Yes, It’s still summer.. But the unthinkable has happened.. Hell has Freez(en) over (OMG…)… My rogue. Whom I never thought would see level 40 let alone make it to the end game has done it! Last night we pushed ever onwards and he has hit level 70! All this without ever stepping food in Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley!

Ok..  That’s it for right now.  Another update might be forthcoming, but don’t hold your breath.. 😛 LOL

(By the way, the little ones made it to 55 this weekend! More later.. Maybe)

Two by Two

Interestingly, we went back into Kara last night to finish it up.. Oh wait, that isn’t so interesting.. Well, no more so than usual (or is that unusual?).. We did pretty good all told. We had some issues with the Shade. We wiped once, but then got him down on the second attempt. It wasn’t what I would call “pretty”, but then again who cares.. 🙂

The other bosses went down like clockwork. Prince, Netherspite, and even Nightbane were all one-shotted. It was even almost like “easy-mode” on Nightbane for a change finally. I ended up picking up the healing chestpiece from Nightbane for Fyra since nobody else wanted it. The helm token dropped from the Prince also (Warrior, Druid, Priest) but not only did I lose the roll (by 1) to the priest, but I even passed it up after he offered it to me anyway. A holy priest is nice to have and he needs the gear much more than Fyra does at this point (this was his first Kara run).

We skipped Illhoof because of the party makeup and the fact that some of the people had to get going. Afterwards, I did some of the quests in Searing Gorge with Fizz and Furis. They were generally “alright” if a bit boring (as usual.. 😛 ). I have to say that re-speccing Furis to Prot was really the right way to go. He is holding aggro wonderfully and he can tank 2 or 3 mobs at the same time without batting an eye. I can see why Prot Pallys have been having so much fun.. 🙂 With WotLK I will probably have his dual-spec be prot/healing and collect gear for both (since we will be able to “switch” easier supposedly).

WoWScrnShot_090408_222457 Doing all the quests there and a couple others I had left in the Hinterlands I got them up to the ripe old age of 52! A few more levels to go.  I might just go ahead and start gifting levels to my warrior and get that out of the way.. I was thinking I might wait so that the warlock can gift ones at the lower level as she levels.  It might be easier.  But then I definitely can’t level the pally at all until later.

I have heard from the grapevine that the 60-70 leveling will be drastically sped up when 3.0.2 patch comes out. Looking forward to that.  My goal right now is to have one of each class to 60 at least by WotLK comes out. I’m pretty sure my rogue will be 70 (he is still sitting at 66, but we’ll be progressing again soon and it shouldn’t take long to ding 70.

I also need to go back at some point and work on leveling Jewelcrafting on my rogue again (he’s still pretty low.. 🙁 ) and also Engineering on my mage. Those I really want to get to 375 sooner or later. Also on the docket is going back to popping out a few daily quests here and there.  I could use the cash still. Anyway, tonight we are supposed to head back into SSC for a second try at the Lurker. Wish us luck!

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