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October 2013
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Hey there everyone! Been a while, but I decided to write a little again. I was not lucky enough to get in on the first wave of Hearthstone Beta invites. Lucky is debatable however; at least I didn’t have to go through the wipe. Stop ( The Stoppable Force ) was awesome enough to give me an extra beta key he received recently and I was able to get in on the ground floor when pretty much everyone else was shuttled back down (or should that be dropped.. ).

Hearthstone2I have been watching live streams of many different people playing Hearthstone so I already had a pretty good idea what was going on and some of the strategies, etc. Because of this, getting through the first 5 mandatory tutorial games was pretty easy even if I had never actually played before. I was finished quick and moved on to unlocking the races, play and arena mode. I won’t bore you with the details but I spent quite a bit of time playing (not surprising). My first foray into the Arena got me 2 wins before I lost 3 times. I ended up picking the Druid in Arena out of the three offered (don’t remember which the others were) purely on a whim and it worked out ok.

For play mode, I’ve won quite a few games (including 2 ranked games so far). Possibly not surprisingly, I am really enjoying the Hunter style of play using beasts and buffing said beats. I’ve put together a pretty nice “Beastmaster” deck that I’ve been using. I’ve been also trying to level all the other races to unlock their basic cards.

That’s it so far. Still playing WoW. Enjoying the 5.4 patch. Finally raiding again (even if it is Flex mode for now) and enjoying it quite a bit. Thanks everyone who’s stuck with me through the lack of updates. I can’t promise that I’ll most any more often than I have been but.. Thanks!

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