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What a Maroon

Ok. Yes, I don’t just play an idiot on TV (ok, I’m not really on TV) I really am one. I was complaining to Hydra that I would do the weekly resource gathering thing in the Barrens except that I hate having to find a way there. It’s just too much of a hassle.. “Um, why don’t you just take the port from Pandaria?”…. DOH! I had completely forgotten about that port. I used it the first time when I was going through the quest line (I think) but then forgot about it subsequently. So last night, given that I have not yet gotten into the Hearthstone beta (more on that later), I decided to run out there and get ‘er done. Which I did.

Of course, Hydra logged in just as I picked up the last resource I needed and asked if I wanted to join them in farming for them. Well, maybe next week if it is still around. It’s possible this week will be the last week you can do this quest line and if you haven’t done it yet, at least do it for the pet. During the course of my farming, I picked up all the different Latent this and that items. You have to combine those with a Radical Mojo to get an item you can use. The pet requires one Radical Mojo also though and you get one for each week you turn in the quest. As I only have turned in one (last night), I decided to use my mojo to get the pet instead of the items. If I do complete it this week, I’ll see if one of the items is an upgrade. If not, I might just get another pet and sell it. I don’t think the Level 489 gear would be useful.

Blizzcon is inching closer! Last post I did, I talked about them announcing when tickets were going on sale (wow, it’s been that long?). I did get a ticket, so there is that. We WILL be having our party/meetup. Head over to http://twistednether.net/blizzcon2013 for information about that and let me know if you are coming and I can add you to the list! I’m very excited about Blizzcon this year. Given that we have skipped a year, I think it will make it all that much more interesting. Hopefully they will announce the next expansion for WoW, maybe an expansion for Diablo 3 and let us play the Starcraft 2 Protoss build. We’ll see.. If you are going to be there and want to meet up, the party is the best, but drop me a line and we can figure something out.

hearthstone_wallpaper800x600And, last but not least, Hearthstone! Hearthstone (hit the link up above in the post to see what it’s all about) looks really cool. I’ve been watching a bunch of live streams on Twitch.tv and a few pre-recorded matches on youtube. It seems there is always someone streaming now. I didn’t get a beta invite yet but I’m hoping to get in at some point. I am, of course, worried that I will lose quite a bit of sleep with this thing, but I suppose that’s the price you pay to help out Blizzard in beta testing, right?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Sounds like 5.4 and Flex raiding are right around the corner and I may be getting back into a more regular raiding schedule. If so, maybe I’ll remember to post here more often or at least have something somewhat interesting to say.