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March 2013
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Feeling A Little Six

Hey all. I’m really sorry that I’ve kinda been AFB (away from blog). In the past, I wasn’t all that much of a blogger anyway but I appreciate that for some reason you are still hanging around here.. It’s been 6 years since I started this blog.. All the way back on March 7, 2007 I posted my first post here.

Well, it wasn’t really here.. I’ve moved around a bit since then. I started on WordPress.com and moved to self hosting at some point (there is a post on here about that somewhere). I then have most hosts a couple times I think. So, yeah, it’s generally the same blog (although I did change the name from Asleep at the Wheel to Asleep at the WoW at some point). I’ve changed a bit over those 6 years, of course. My play style has changed. Lots of things have changed.

aatwow300Having the podcast has definitely taken time away from the blog, but it really isn’t an excuse. Mainly it’s just that I don’t really have any stories to tell. I guess I could go back to what I used to do but if I don’t even find that interesting, why would anyone else. Given there have been all these expansions and patches and changes and such, you would think I would have stuff to write about too. And I guess I do. It’s just more about finding time to sit and write it down. Not that it really takes me much time, I’m not much for editing or research (what’s that?). I even write in a conversational style that generally doesn’t take a lot of effort to do.

LaserChickenI really don’t know what keeps me from writing. I just don’t do it. I’m glad I remembered my Bloggiversary though (spell checker doesn’t like that word). Having something like this be around for 6 years, even if I haven’t updated all that much in the last 3 or so of those is pretty interesting to me. I hope you guys have been entertained over that time.

I’ll take this opportunity to ask those of you that listen to TNB a favor. Twisted Nether is about to have it’s 5 year anniversary (crazy!) and hit 200 episodes right around the same time. If you could please email or call or whatever and let us know what TNB means to you or just say hi or something we would really appreciate it. We’d love to have an episode that was just your emails and voicemails and clips and segments. The 5 year is in May and 200 episodes is 9 away. It’s getting close, so as soon as you can get those in, the better. Thanks again.. Email info@twistednether.net or go over to http://www.twistednether.net for information on how to get your stuff submitted.

sleepyThanks once again to everyone that has stuck with me all these years. I know I haven’t been one of the most informative blogs out there but I try to be at least a little entertaining. If there is ever a question you have for me or just something you want to discuss, don’t hesitate to email me at fimlys@gmail.com or post a comment here. Now, I have to go eat my cake.. It’s not a lie after all…

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