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October 2012
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Piercing the Vale

I made it to level 90 on my Hunter in a little over a week since MoP was released. I did not rush, I just had a decent amount of time to spend playing. I wish I had kept track of exactly how many hours “played” it took me (I’ll have to see if I can find out). I even picked up my Quilien pet on the way. I still prefer my Water Strider (or whatever it is called) named Bugzz. The water walking exotic skill is pretty great. Especially for fishing.

FimlysLevel90_100312_000344The Quilien pet is important because it has a battle rez. I ended up joining a couple guildies in a non-heroic run of Shado-Pan Monastery. I was the only level 90 and we had a few “complications” along the way including one wipe, but I did use my battle rez twice while we were in there. WoWScrnShot_100112_194940A druid was also with us, but I guess I was quicker on the draw! I really enjoyed the instance and look forward to doing it in heroic some time soon. I also, prior to running the instance, picked up 3 Justice Point items. I had 4000 JP just sitting there and it made sense to go ahead and pick up these upgrades. Unfortunately, the one upgrade I REALLY needed, new shoulders, do not have a version that you can buy from the JP vendor.

WoWScrnShot_100212_234331I also started on some of the dailies. I know.. You heard me.. I WORKED ON DAILIES. I found the tillers ones to be pretty interesting and I started on the Cloud Serpent so I can get my mount sooner or later. I’ve been really enjoying MoP so far and look forward to all the other things I can do now that I am level 90 including leveling another toon or 2 or 3.

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