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August 2012
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Winding Down and Winding Up

Only a month and a few weeks until Mists of Pandaria is released unto the world (well, some of it). Our raiding group is still slogging through DS. We’ve almost got Hagara heroic down now. I think the only thing that kept it from us this last week is that we didn’t even try because we were missing one of our main raiders and our replacement wasn’t really geared up for that fight. We were able to successfully do the other heroics that we had already done and are on “farm” at this point. I finally picked up a second Heroic tier piece, my Legs. Best part about the legs is I can self-enchant them (since I’m a leatherworker). I started using up those Queen’s Garnets that I have lying around too. Three for this piece…

WoWScrnShot_073112_230411I believe that our Raid Leader would really like us to finish DS Heroic before MoP comes out. I would be really surprised if we did so, but only because of attendance issues. This coming week, I think we’re all around but then the week after we won’t all be available. Possibly the last couple weeks before the release we might have the time to really make the push.

I played around a bit more with the Pet Battles in MoP Beta but I started getting odd errors some times where I had to logout to clear the error. WoWScrnShot_051612_225906The pet battles are a little simplistic generally but I’m sure they might get a little more interesting at the higher levels. My pets are still around level 7-8 or so for the highest one. I’ve decided for now to hold off on doing too much more with it because I don’t want to burn out and get bored with them before the game comes out. One thing that would have been pretty cool if they could have put it in would be some visual indication of the level of your pet. Maybe 5 different “skins” per pet based on it’s level. Almost like a “evolution” in Pokémon.

Well, maybe they can work on that in a future patch. I’m sure the resources to build that many skins for all the pets has to be enormous. It would be cool to just have some other benefit other than just a higher leveled pet.