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July 2012
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Not Quite Almost Dead

No, I’m not dead. Most of you probably know that already given that TNB is still up and running. Well, we seem to be doing more of an “every other week” thing with that too. Summer can do that to you I hear. Anyway, similar to the podcast, we’re having issues with our raid too. Summer has caused some raiders to be unavailable for some weeks, unfortunately not overlapping, of course. This means cancelled raids. One nice thing is that we HAVE been able to get a little more progression going. We’re 4/8 with Morchok, Zon’ozz, Yor’sahj, and Ultraxion down. Hagara has been attempted many times but we don’t last too long and we haven’t tried the others yet. We’d probably be a little further along if we hadn’t missed a few weeks. I think the buff has been increased or it will be increased so maybe we’ll last a little longer…

imageOther than the WoW stuff, I’ve been playing Diablo 3 quite a bit still. My Demon Hunter is in Inferno but I haven’t really spent TOO much time farming. I’m still stuck farming Act I unfortunately. I’ve made it about 1/2 way through Act II but it just gets pretty crazy at that point. I’ve been spending more time leveling my Barbarian, Monk and Wizard with the Witch Doctor trailing behind quite a bit. The Barbarian is on Hell and is level 53. The Monk and Wizard are both level 43 and in Nightmare Act III. The Witch Doctor is level 18..

I’ve been playing lots of other games too. Steam is having a sale, so I’ve picked up a couple of cheap games on that and I’ve even played a couple! I also found a really fun RPG on PSN called Rainbow Moon that I’ve been playing quite a bit and also I’ve gone back to playing a bit of Civilization V with it’s new “expansion” Gods and Kings and even Might & Magic Heroes VI a little.