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Hell If I Know

Yes.. More Diablo 3! I made it to Hell this weekend.. Well, Hell difficulty level in Diablo 3 at least. My Demon Hunter, Fimlys, is up to level 53 now and in Act 1 of Hell. It is getting really difficult. I’m still able to move through it, but fights definitely take longer and require a bit more strategic maneuvering (also known as RETREAT!!).  Seriously, I’m doing a lot more kiting even on the non-elite mobs in Hell. I have been making sure my gear is up to snuff though. I should spend a little more time on the AH picking up items to upgrade but I still love the feeling of just finding something that is an upgrade. They just don’t seem to come often enough now.

Fyra_21I also have been working a little on my Wizard, Fyra. She is up to level 21 now and I’m starting to get the hang of her. It’s a little difficult going back and forth between a couple characters and forgetting the different button. I keep trying to use Vault on my Wizard to get away from packs but realize that it’s set to do Wave of Force instead. A little bit of a different effect.

I also messed with the Barbarian and find him to be incredibly fun! He just completely obliterates targets. Smashing them with such gusto. I also have found that he’s able to break in game objects that I thought could not be broken with my other toons. Yesterday, Nevik from Nevik’s Notebook and Shattered Soulstone podcast joined me a bit on hell mode and we even took out the Skeleton King together. Co-op is really fun and we both got on Mumble to facilitate communication and be able to just yap at each other while we were playing.

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