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Give me Stength

Found an interesting bug in the Diablo 3 client yesterday. Not that it’s that big a deal but there is a tooltip for Strength for the Templar “henchman” that states that “Stength” item bonuses are multiplied by 2.5 for Followers… The error is in the quotes.. Smile Interesting to think this could have slipped by. Anyway, I’m sure they will fix it in the next patch that is supposed to be out next week.

Fimlys20120525I’ve been having a great time with the game still and even got past my issues with Belial in Nightmare.. Ok.. I “cheated” somewhat.. I asked if anyone wanted to help me on twitter and @GettingWorse stepped up and joined me with his level 59 Barbarian and made it look easy. He also graced me with a few gear upgrades he happened to have lying around and a bunch of advice which is always appreciated.

Fyra20120525I’ve even got some screenshots of how Fimlys (the Demon Hunter) and Fyra (the Wizard) are doing. Notice something? Yeah, I’m reusing names. Why not? Even though they can be the most annoying parts, the Elites and Champions are some of the best fights in the game. Definitely getting my kiting skills back. Somehow, I think the game has realized that I HATE mortar mobs with a passion. Hate Hate Hate. Another interesting thing is that some of these mobs have the equivalent of 3 or more talents. They have their 2 specials (like Mortar or Pestilence) and then whatever their monster class usually has. Sometimes this is FAST or Shooting Arrows or Quills.. Ugh. Those are also tough for me being a ranged class. New strategies are constantly being worked on, though.

Screenshot021I also turned on “Elective Mode” for my skills. The skills are still set based on the different types of slots, but now you can switch through the groupings for each slot and pick some other one. I have been using my final slot for this since I have found some of the functionality of that skill can be lost as long as I pick up some other talent which is worthy. You can turn this mode on in the gameplay tab of the options (I think).

I’m still playing WoW, of course. We didn’t get to raid on Tues/Wed because of lack of bodies but we did get a DS run in on Thursday night. We did Morchok in heroic but left the rest in normal so we could get all the way through. I’d love to be able to maybe transition our main raid to an alt run raid since we have issues with people not showing up on the alt run nights and cancelling.

I have not been playing the MoP beta much recently. I know I talked about getting on to check out my addons at some point and I still want to do that but it will take some time to start getting them in one at a time.

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