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December 2011
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End Time of Eternity

Another post? I know! Ok well, we didn’t get Ultraxion down last night. We did get him to 8% on one try, but no luck. The end of that fight is just insane. I’m really glad I’m not a healer! We’ve got the mechanics down, it’s just a matter of buffing DPS a little bit more to get over that last hump.

After calling it, I decided to join a guild group and head into the new 5-man dungeons. We had time for 2 of them and did 2 randoms. We got End Time and then Well of Eternity (I think it did that on purpose since I hadn’t been in either).

WoWScrnShot_120211_004433I think they did a really good job with these instances. They are varied, the boss fights aren’t too technical but are fun enough. We had one non-main dps and the healer was a non-main also. We still had generally no problems with the bosses or trash fights. Hanging out with Illidan in the second one is pretty freaking cool. It’s nice to see some of the story unfold in these.

WoWScrnShot_120211_010104Given my gear level, nothing that dropped was an upgrade. Same for the quest rewards. I almost wish they would do the quests in such a way that they were something more than just “complete the things you have to do for the instance anyway”. Maybe even make one a randomized repeatable (either daily or for each time you run the instance). You can decide if you want to do it or not, but it takes you a little out of your way and awards some additional gold.

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