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August 2011
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Kicked the Bucket (List)

We did things a little bit different last night. The raid leader decided he wanted us to get the Bucket List achievement. For those who don’t know what that is (and didn’t click the link to find out..), it is an achievement you get on Shannox where you take him on a “tour” of the Firelands. You have to hit different areas while you kill him and then, actually kill him. Obviously one of the first differences is that you need to kill some other bosses first and even more trash than usual. We started on Lord Rhyolith and then did Alysrazor (one shot, woot!). We cleared out a bunch more trash and then started on Shannox. It took a few times to get the timing between the dog and the boss as we moved them, but we did get him down after running him around and we all got the achievement.

large_imageAfterwards, we took out Baleroc. We still have Beth to do tonight and then we’re back to Majordomo, who we got down last week and then Ragnaros.

That’s about all that’s going on with WoW. I also have been playing, for the past week+, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I have to say that it is a really great game. I’ve been having a blast with it and even enjoyed times when I have to redo a section because I died without a recent save. I really recommend it to anyone that likes a First-Person Stealth/Shooter/RPG.