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August 2011
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Magic Fun Time

Ok, fine. I had no idea what to call the post today. First thing that popped into my head when I saw the screenshot here is, you guessed it, “Magic Fun Time”. Yeah, I’m strange.

Anyway, I’m not particularly sure I have much to say, but I feel like writing anyway. Yes, I’m still playing WoW. I’m mainly playing on raid nights at this point and doing the Molten Front dailies on my Druid. Those have petered out a bit. It’s pretty crazy the number of quests you have to get through daily now. I have unlocked the 2 factions that take 150 each (I think) and now have a few things that take 125 it seems. Obviously, I’m getting a little bored of them..

I haven’t been a big one for dailies as is but Blizzard did a good job with these so I’ve stuck them out for a while. I also figured I can maybe get some gear for my druid without having to get her dragged through a raid.

Speaking of raiding. We’re doing pretty well. We got to Alysrazor for the second time this past week and got her down to 90k!!! OMG.. It was heartbreaking. We are definitely getting better at it. Lord Rhyolith still gives us problems too.

In my non-WoW news, my Rift Mage is now level 49. The cap in Rift is level 50 and I’m about 25% there. We’ll have to see if I keep playing after that. I was charged now for my second month, so I guess I have to play it until that runs out at least. I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit though.

That’s it. That is my update. Hope everyone else is having a good time.