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July 2011
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A Salamander, a Spider and a Dog

Walk into a raid.. Ok, not the most exciting beginning to a joke, eh? Of course, I’m talking about some of the new bosses both in Firelands and the new Baradin Hold boss. We went back into Firelands te last couple weeks and managed to get Shannox down. We’ve got a pretty good strategy going and other than the Tank getting beaten to a pulp just after we kill the second dog, everything went pretty smoothly. We then, unfortunately, decided to give Beth a try.. Wow.. I’ve found my new “hate” fight (or at least extreme dislike). Given that I am playing my Hunter, I get the “o so fun” position of Skitterer killer (or whatever they are called). While we have nice AOE, we are also reliant on Focus that our AOE uses. It makes for very interesting difficulties when handling a large number of little guys. Needless to say, we didn’t get her down and tonight we are going to start with a different boss (thank you!).

Doggie_071311_001052After the run, we had Baradin Hold and went into slay the Dog with 2 heads and 1,000 eyes. The explanation our RL gave didn’t give me hopeful thoughts but we managed to get him down 3 seconds before the enrage timer.. I got some PvP Boots that might actually be better than my current PvE boots even with the resilience on them.. Sad smile  I’ll have to see how the stats go.

On a side note, I picked up RIFT (I know, Blasphemy!) while Steam was having a sale (it was $10) and have been enjoying messing around on there. I found a few people I know and joined up with their guild. I haven’t done too much and only played about 9 hours total so far, but, like many have said, it’s very WoW-like and, for me, that is exactly what I was looking for. I’m pretty sure, while I will keep playing and I’m still enjoying WoW, this will be my “gateway drug” until SW:TOR comes down from on-high to suck up what remains of my free time.

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