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April 2011
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Breaking news! We got Cho’gall down again (2nd time) this week! Amazingly enough, a group of ogres came and shoved us out of the way when we went to take our screenshot! The nerve!  Anyway, it was pretty exciting and a very close call on this one (we were sure it was going to end at like 100k as it has over and over). Additionally we got Heroic Halfus down for the second time the night before.

From Halfus, I got the Heroic version of the Gloves I had been wearing. I’m still confused as to what the best enchantment is for an SV Hunter for those. When we downed Cho’gall he dropped the Mail Belt which I got (nobody else wants that crap Smile with tongue out ) although I am not sure I am going to use it over the one I already had. What was even better is the shoulder token dropped. Of course, I lost the roll. But our Shaman is such awesomesauce that he gave them to me anyway. I did have blue shoulders… I really, really appreciated that. It was really cool of him to do.

Fimlys_041511_000252So, I got my new shoulders but didn’t put them on (since they needed enchantment and a gem) so imagine my surprise when I put them on and it looks like I’m toting around a bunch of green snowglobes! Anyway, that’s about all I got. We gave a few tries on Al’Akir but, while we got him to 27%, we couldn’t get any lower. I’m getting the hang of handling the stacks of debuff in the second phase and we’re getting pretty consistent just getting to the second phase at all. I think next week we might finally get him down too. Then we will only have Nef to go!

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