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April 2011
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A decision was made yesterday before our raid that we would start with Heroic Halfus tonight (this being Wed. night, our BoT night). We do 10man btw. We’re now 10/12 in non-heroics with our Cho’Gall victory last week. After that decision, we proceeded into Descent. I’m pretty sure we one-shot everything except we were going for the achievement on the Trons and so kept resetting them if Arcano got the bolt off (the only one most of us need). So, we slammed through the raid instance pretty quickly and I still can’t believe we one-shot that blind dragon dude (yeah, I could go look up his name.. It’s like Atramedes or something, right?). We lost one of our healers really quick in that fight, but got him down amazingly fast anyway.

Finishing up and still having at least 30 minutes left (if not 45 to an hour if we pushed) we made the additional decision to give Heroic Halfus a try NOW! I was scared.

I don’t know how many of you have been to see Halfus at all, but in normal mode, only 3 of his drakes are “awake” each week (this includes the whelps as a single “drake”). In Heroic, ALL of them are awake all the time. I have to say I am glad I am not a healer. Having to deal with the sheer crazy amounts of damage being put out is nuts. We went in there and wiped quite a few times getting the hang of things and… We didn’t get him down. I’m pretty sure we expected exactly what happened which is get some practice in and maybe come back tonight and finish it.

Drakes_040511_235403We could definitely see how it is “doable”. I can’t say I saw that when we first headed in to handle Halfus in non-heroic mode. I assume that it’s because, although it is heroic and there are differences, it is essentially the same fight as before. Drakes, Interrupts, AOE, Don’t Stand In Fire, etc. It’s just all the mechanics from each week at the same time. Seems that knowing even the basic mechanics of a fight even if it has been modified in Heroic mode gives you an advantage.

In related news.. Wait, no it isn’t.. My priest is ALMOST 85.. I think he has about 2 million more XP to make it (wow. that sounds like a lot until you compare it to the 9 million he needed when he hit 84). I’ve been enjoying leveling him but I have to say that it is annoying how often he goes Out of Mana..

Well, that’s about it for me today. Have a good one!

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