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February 2011
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Nine of Twelve

In Cataclysm right now there are 12 raid bosses (including the “PvP” raid boss). My raiding group is now down to just the final boss in each of the 3 main instances. Last night we finally got down Atramedes last night (on our last attempt, of course). I haven’t written for a while so, you might have missed us downing the other bosses too.

We got really close on the try just before we downed him but for jumping the gun on the gong.. (Gun on the Gong?!?) For the Searing Flames, you need to interrupt it using one of the “Dwarven Shields” (I think). Well, I guess we were trying to time it via DBM and it was hit JUST before he was going to cast it. Thus he was dazed but picked back up where he left off and Searing Flamed us. We were down to about 4% or so at that point and the 3 people who were left gave a good fight, but couldn’t do it. Again they might have been able to pull it off (and it looked like they would) except that the same thing happened again and he was dazed just milliseconds too early. After that disheartening attempt, we came back “strong” and got the job done!

WoWScrnShot_021711_231909What’s next for us? We’ll come back next Tuesday on the reset and, in BoT, burn through to Cho’gall and see if we can’t get some tokens.

So, how is everyone else doing on their raid Progression? Are you raiding at all yet? We’re raiding what many would consider “a lot”. We do 3 nights a week for 2.5 hours a night (give or take). It gives us a good chance to progress on all the instances at once. We’ve been very lucky, also, to get a really good, dedicated team. We don’t do any special loot rules or method. The method is.. Roll if you want it. What do you use for loot distribution? Of course, we are only doing 10 man (although we did 25 man Baradin Hold the other night!) so that might make a difference. 25man can be a little more headachy since there is more overlap in people wanting items. I’m the only Hunter in our run (we actually have 2 teams now which is amazing!) so I get all the Hunter loot.. Of course, it’s all Hunter loot, right? Right?

Ok, I’m outta here. Let me know how you are doing in your raiding and what loot rules you use. Oh, and I also wanted to point you in the direction of the TNB Blizzcon 2011 page! We’re ALREADY getting started with the planning of the most awesome meetup/party we’ve ever had!

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