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January 2011
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Double Dragon

As I’ve said before, we’re back raiding. My guild actually got a second 10-man group going this Tuesday and Wednesday. They start a little earlier than the first group and are mainly just learning the fights now, but I think they are going to do great. If we can get just 5 more people that seem to be available for that tues/wed slot, we might start moving to running 25. Why would we run 25 when we could run 2 10s? Well, I guess they like the idea of combining it all up and, supposedly, 25s are easier because there is a little more slack. So, say a couple DPS go down, you should still be able to beat the enrage timer (maybe).

On Tuesday this week, we rambled into Blackwing Descent and took down Magmaw and the Trons pretty quickly (comparatively). We’re really getting the hang of those fights and my part is pretty much automatic to me now. We moved on back to the Maloriak fight again but failed to get him down. We’re making good progress though. The biggest issue we seem to have is getting the adds down, during the “green” phase, quickly enough.

Cathedral_012311_223553Wednesday night consisted of going to Bastion of Twilight and banging on Halfus. We thought it was going to be tough because we had a pretty horrible pick of drakes, but we got him down in only a few tries. The knowledge of the fight and the improvements we’ve had in gear have definitely helped! We then took some licks at Valiona & Theralion , the two dragons. We got a pretty good strategy down with where to go and when but just couldn’t pull it out by the time we had to call it. I think we got them to around 8% at one point.

Thursday we went back to take more of a shot at the dragons, but before that we successfully defended Tol Barad and then went to kill the raid boss there first. So, the dragons. We downed them! In what probably was going to be the second or third to last attempt, we finally got them down. It was the end of the second time for the second dragon and we were getting the “Deep Breath” again when we finally got them down. There was lots of hooting and hollering. I believe that nobody died except right at the end when our Mage had Engulfing Magic on them and blinked to the other side of the room.. The side that a “Deep Breath” was coming down.. Ooops..

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