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January 2011
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Cappin a Hit

So, I’m having a small issue. Well, it’s not really an issue, I know what to do to solve it. Wait, does that still leave it as an issue, just a solvable one? Anyway.. I’ve started getting upgraded gear. By this I mean EPICS! The problem is that some of these pieces (all of them so far) do not have +hit on them. Unfortunately the pieces they are replacing did. I know I can reforge stuff to get the hit up. I know I can gem or enchant for it too or even swap out other gear with equivalent but adding +hit. I’m just sad about losing some of the other benefits I gain from the stats I am losing. Of course, the new gear I am equipping probably offsets that.. Eh, I’m just whining Smile with tongue out.. It reminds me though that I need to go check if I can buy anything for my Valor Points. I believe I have enough for a decent item.

WoWScrnShot_011111_235438This became relevant especially last night when we downed Halfus and I got the Proto-Handler’s Gauntlets. These replace gloves that had +hit and so I couldn’t just equip them immediately (even though I had a gem for them and an enchant).  This is 2 items I’ve now won from Halfus. One each time we’ve downed him. We did pretty well although I was blasted back into the wall and died just before he did..

After Halfus, we made our way back to Blackrock Descent and took out Magmaw in just a few tries and then 1-shot the Trons. We had 1 guy left standing at the end of that fight. The DK tank. It was pretty crazy there at the end.

Maloriak_011911_233152We moved on to Maloriak but couldn’t get him down. It’s definitely an interesting fight. The only issue we were having is with the adds and timing how many to release and then getting them down during the “Green” phase.

In other news, I’ve been still messing with my professions and getting them leveled, slowly. I also got my Warlock to level 80! She decided that Hyjal was the way to go and so we headed there. It’s amazing how underpowered she feels but then I started getting some of the lower quest greens and it’s AMAZING the improvement. I’m used to my leveling toons having some decent gear (at least some token gear if not T10 – First 2 85s had T10 starting out) so this was a shock. I am having a great deal of fun playing her and I know I am going to get incinerated by some people I know but it’s a lot like playing a hunter. Smile

So, that’s about it so far. I need to find time to get my Druid into some non-heroic dungeons and start getting her geared up. I can already see some boss fights might benefit from having a boomkin along.. Have a good one.

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