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January 2011
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In addition to all the leveling, rep “grinding”, gear gathering and raiding going on, I’ve been pretty big on leveling my professions with this expansion. I’ve been able to do pretty well so far with a few exceptions here and there. Here is what I have so far:

  • Fimlys (85): 525 Skinning, 525 Leatherworking
  • Fyra (85): 525 Herbing, 525 Alchemy
  • Fizz (80): 525/540 Engineering (Gnome), 507 Inscription
  • Fhuun (82): 525 Mining, 473 Tailoring
  • Freez (80): 501 Enchanting, 505 Jewelcrafting
  • Furis (80): 490 Blacksmithing, 408 Enchanting (not really working on this)

So, There it is. Things that were generally easy: Skinning (simple), Herbing, Mining, Alchemy.. Leatherworking is a pain in the butt. You have to make blue PvP items for the last 15 points. BAH! Engineering wasn’t horrible, but takes a bunch of mats to do it. A lot less than Blacksmithing though! Tailoring I really haven’t been working on significantly. For Inscription, I am up to the point where I am making Forged Documents once every cooldown (really once a day).. The mats for Jewelcrafting are pretty expensive right now too since I’m using my ore for Blacksmithing! The flood of greens from leveling professions and just plain leveling has dried up a bit, so my Enchanting has stalled at 501 so far. The Enchanting on Furis is just a secondary talent I took just so that I could disenchant the BoP crap I got from questing.

Tron_011111_235438One of the things that is really bugging me this time around is the requirement for some professions that you level them to 84 to get certain recipes that aren’t “drop” ones. The “trade-in” vendors, unlike last expansion, are not located in a main city (like Dalaran). They are in the Twilight Highlands behind a phase curtain. You have to be 84 so you can get the quest that moves the phase forward to where they are there. This is causing me grief with my Enchanter since he can’t make the rod he needs for certain recipes and I can see it causing issues with my Blacksmith too since there is a vendor for that one also in TH.

AlAkir_010611_221731Cooking is maxxed out on Fimlys but I still do the daily because I don’t have all the recipes yet. I also try to do the daily for Fishing because I haven’t maxxed that one out yet. So, I’m still working on the professions. Leveling Fhuun has helped a little with Tailoring since he picks up cloth, but the amount of cloth drops he’s getting seems low so far. And I have been trying to work on Enchanting and JC each day a little too. Doing the JC quests is nice any easy this xPac at least. Additionally, at some point I want to get my Engineering up. In reality, I believe I am at 510 because of the +15 engineering racial.. So I still have 15 more points to go to get the achievement! Wish me luck..