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January 2011
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Not Halfus as Bad

I’ve already told you about Mythos starting to going raiding. This is our third week raiding and my second (unless I am off by a week.. eh, whatever) and as of last night, we’ve gotten down a total of 4 different raid bosses. We got down the Barad Hold boss last week and while we’d like to be able to take him down this week, it seems that the Alliance just can’t win Tol Barad. Since people stopped win trading, we’re back to never having the PvP zone anymore.

On Tuesday we went back into Blackrock Descent to try our luck with the Omnitron Defense System. After a couple of wipes (and I really mean a couple including one in which it reset so that doesn’t really count), we got them down! MagMaw_010411_230227We were, of course, extremely excited! We moved on from there to Magmaw, whom we had lots of problems with last time. Our main issue was with getting the adds down quickly enough. We had the same problem the first few tries and then subbed out a Warrior for a Death Knight. The DK helped kite and AOE the adds so we got them down much quicker than we would have otherwise and we finally got HIM down too! For the rest of that night we messed with Chimaeron, a 3 headed dog that is, well, a little different type of fight than we are used to in raids. We did not manage to even get him anywhere close to dead.

Halfus_010511_231206Wednesday came and we decided to go to The Bastion of Twilight. First boss? Halfus Wyrmbringer. If you remember, we gave him a shot last week and had a ton of problems because of the “drake choice” we had. This week wasn’t a very good combination either (Time Warden, Nether Scion, Slate Dragon) but the key was the Time Warden. We DID get him down after quite a few wipes. I picked up a new Trinket that makes me “Twisted” (literally.. that’s the proc)! We started with the Nether Scion actually and burned him down quick. When he was at 5%, I went and released the Time Warden and misdirected to the tanks. Dragons_010511_233909This slows down the Fireballs from the stupid netherdrake. You can actually avoid them now! This took a lot of pressure off of the healers and allowed them to keep the tanks up better without going out of mana so fast. We left the Slate Dragon because, the time before we downed him, we tried to kill him too and wiped on the engrage timer. Once we let him sleep, we had plenty of time to get the boss down.

We then went to give a few tries at Valiona & Theralion. Wow, not so easy. Lots of situational awareness stuff going on there. That was it for the night and I think we’re heading to Throne of the Four Winds to have a shot at the Conclave of Wind!

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