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December 2010
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For the last couple of nights, Mythos has been back in the raiding game. To be honest, it’s really more of an “I” am back in the raiding game. I was away for a week and they gave a try to a few bosses during that time (with no success). The first raid we tried on Tuesday was Argaloth in Baradin Hold. We had won Tol Barad (amazingly enough) and so were able to head in to the “PvP” raid instance.

For this fight you split into two groups (oh, yeah, we’re doing 10man raiding) each with a tank. The two groups stand on either side of the boss somewhat facing each other. The tanks will taunt the boss back and forth. I’m not sure when because I was too busy pushing buttons to keep track. WoWScrnShot_122810_214552At a few points in the fight he will start flinging out fire onto the ground at players. At this point you need to run around like a chicken with your head cut off and avoid the patches of burning ground (“don’t stand in the fire”™). It seemed, other than that, like a pretty straight forward tank and spank. We wiped the first try as we hit the enrage timer (5 minutes). It is a “hard” timer. If you hit the 5 minute mark, you are more than likely finished. The second time, we killed him! With about 4 seconds left on the timer.. (wow)  Resto Druid Tier 11 piece dropped along with a caster PvP ring. I enjoyed this fight. Of course, that is probably because we beat him.

WoWScrnShot_122810_225232Moving on, we headed to Bastion of Twilight to give a try to Wyrmbreaker. We supposedly got a pretty bad combination of drakes but I’m sure that’s not all that was wrong. We unfortunately spent the rest of the night wiping over and over on this boss. We really never even got to, as ranged DPS, even attack the actual boss. It was taking way too long to get even the first drake down and the aoe from the protodrake was destroying us. From doing this and the boss we tried the next night, I have to say that the hardest job of all belongs to the healers. Either we’re just not ready, they are doing something wrong or well, I just don’t know. Maybe we all are doing something wrong. The healers were generally out of mana pretty quickly and they say there was none of that “thinking” which heal to use. It was pretty much all “spam my biggest”. The amount of damage being done to the whole raid on an ongoing basis (barring even any "standing in the fire") was crazy. Obviously, we failed. We called it a night after about 20 tries or more.. (ouch)

WoWScrnShot_122910_222209The next night (last night) we headed into Blackwing Descent to fight Magmaw instead. This is a fight that seems to require quite a bit of AoE ability. Unfortunately, Hunter’s AoE has been nerfed to the ground. Our usefulness in this fight seems to come more from being able to use traps to help slow the mob of adds. During the fight, a large group of Lava Worms or whatever are spawned (each with 100k hp) and need to be mowed down ASAP. If they get close to you, they jump on your head (not fun). Well, I don’t think we were prepared. Again there is a large amount of AoE and even directed damage done to everyone in the raid on an ongoing basis making it very difficult for the healers to keep up and/or preserve their mana. We wiped on this boss many times and never got him down below 85%.

WoWScrnShot_122910_010303Between the two raiding nights (btw, we’re going to raid again tonight….) I swapped specs on Fimlys. Fimlys is, for the first time ever, a Survival Spec Hunter now. It’s pretty astounding the difference in DPS between MM and SV for now. I was pulling about 12k dps easily using a pretty simple rotation without hitting any cooldown. I definitely feel like I can contribute more now that I’m not sitting down at the bottom of the meters. Actually, I’m usually at the TOP! It’s pretty nice while it lasts. Oh, and Fyra is level 84! I’ve also been working hard on my professions. Alchemy is up to 525, so Fyra is now maxed with Herb and Alchemy. Fimlys is still working on Leatherworking. It’s not an easy profession to level. Enchanting, Engineering (fun stuff!), Jewelcrafting and Tailoring are all being worked on (in addition to Mining off and on).

So, that’s it so far this week. More raiding tonight. Obviously we all have a lot of room for improvement, especially in gear. I’ll be really happy when the DPS metagem gets rid of this stupid “more blue gems than red” requirement..

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