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December 2010
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Last night I spent a little quality time on my Druid. Fyra hit 82 and finished up Hyjal in the process. Haven’t really started on Deepholm yet other than to fly around herbing. I picked up a bunch of herbs and got my Herbalism to 512 and Alchemy to 500! I can make some of the new Flasks now but the mats are a little much for me at this point. I really had a good time in Hyjal. It is much more “traditional” than Vashj’ir is (not surprising). That doesn’t mean I liked it more than the underwater zone, I just liked it differently. The lore and story were pretty cool although it didn’t seem as much of an epic tale as the other. It still was lore heavy and it was interesting to see the different “personalities” you get to meet there.

One thing I have to agree with my friend Lady Jess in that leveling as a Moonkin in Hyjal, there were VERY few quest rewards that were appropriate. All the leather tended to be Stam/Agi leather. Luckily, my current gear is fine for now, but I can see me needing some upgrades soon. Hopefully I’ll find some in Deepholm.

Fimlys_121110_014211After getting my herbalism and alchemy leveled up a bit, I decided to start a little experiment. My rogue is sitting at level 78. I was hoping this expansion would be like the last two and allow you to start the zones and quests two levels earlier. Unfortunately, I have been told that isn’t the case with Cataclysm. So, given the large amount of XP you get from doing Archeology, I decided to try leveling him to 80 just running around digging. At this point he is a little over 600k from 79 and I really didn’t do all that much of it so far. One thing I saw talked about on Twitter today was an addon that I’m going to try tonight at some point. That addon is Archy. It sounds like it adds some nice UI changes to make archeology much easier.

Oh, and my guild made it to level 4! Now we get 5% more rep from quests and kills. Other than that, I’m hoping to get into some heroics tonight. One group went last night and did a bunch and I think the idea is to swap out a few people so that all 10 of the people who are slated to raid get in to try to get some additional gear. So, that’s it for today. Hope you guys have been having a good time. Let me know what you are up to. Are you planning to raid? Are you doing 10 man or 25 man? Anyone get into some heroics yet? How hard are they?