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December 2010
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Watch Out, They Spit

All I can say (ok, not ALL I can say) is that Blizzard has done a stupendous job with Cataclysm. I have to say that is my own opinion as well as many of my friends I have talked too. They are loving the new zones, the new races and the changes to the world we once “thought” we knew.

In my last post I talked about wanting to hit 85 prior to recording TNB. That didn’t happen. At the time I logged out for TNB I was ~500k away from leveling, but it was time (Amazing dedication, eh?). After the show, I logged back in and got to 85 in almost no time. When I logged out I had just finished Uldum. I started the questline for Twilight Highlands and dinged during that! The rest of the night was spent doing a couple of quests in TH but generally doing some instances and starting the process again on my Druid.

WoWScrnShot_121110_223743Speaking of the druid, I decided that she would start in Hyjal. The quest lines are pretty good there although I still like Vashj’ir for the sheet “differentness” of it. The little portals are cool and I just finished the Jousting quests and got my little birdy pet. She is 81 and on her way to being 82. The first person in our guild to get 2 toons to 85 just did so last night. Additionally, I picked up enough gear upgrades on Sunday to have enough Average item level score so that I can queue for Cata Heroics.

One of the other interesting things that happened to me was I got Reins of the Grey Riding Camel. Turns out there is something of a “Camel Level” in Cataclysm. In Diablo II there was a level you could get to that was all cows.. Just TONS and TONS of cows. Well, WoW has a Camel Level. Here is what splunge said in the WoWHead Comments:

Scattered around Uldum are small click-able camel statues called "Mysterious Camel Figurine". If you click on one you will get teleported to the Steam Pools, which, if you havent gone exploring yet, are located on a plateau in the south eastern part of Feralas. Once you swim out of the water you will see lots of docile, but kill-able (wont fight back) camels that don’t drop anything. You will also see Dormus.

You will get a debuff that is called "Dormus rage" which says bad things will happen in 20 mins if you don’t kill Dormus.

He’s got about 250khp and was super super easy to kill as a heroic geared 85 MM hunter. I kept heals rolling on my pet but i never saw my pets hp move. Just move out of the things he spits at you.

WoWScrnShot_121310_005858So, I found one of those Figurines and I clicked on it not knowing what would happen. I got dumped into that swamp and proceeded to kill Dormus. He dropped the Reins and I thought “Wow.. This is cool. He drops this mount every time you kill him?”. Supposedly it is a low drop rate on the reigns. Everything “I” have read has just said that he drops them. If anyone has gotten to this area and killed Dormus and NOT gotten the mount, please let me know (or tell me if you did.. I like those stories too).

Two nights ago, we were running a few instances. We were in Halls of Origination at one point with a feral druid cat. In part of the instance, you pick up camel mounts to use as part of a boss encounter. The image here (first in the post) is from that and is indelibly burned into my brain. I.. cannot.. unsee..

WoWScrnShot_121310_010905I also remembered that I had ~3500 Justice Points to spend on level 85 gear! So, I went shopping. I picked up one item (I can’t remember which now.. Sad smile ) just before we started queuing for random cata instances. 329 is the minimum limit for being able to queue for random heroics and I had… 328. DOH! But, thankfully, by the end of the night I had 330. I didn’t get a chance to do a heroic last night, but maybe I’ll be able to tonight. I think that’s enough for today. If you are all good boys and girls, I might just post tomorrow.. How’s your Cataclysm experience been? Leave a comment here letting me know!

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