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December 2010
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The Last..

Post of the Pre-Cataclysm era! We’re almost 3 expansions into this crazy game and it really doesn’t show that many signs of slowing down! Really, I don’t have too much to say about Cata itself right now. I will not be going to a Midnight release to get my copy of the game because the place I ordered it from is not doing one (at least I think.. I might go see if they are anyway.. Why not?). I might, however, go bug some people at a Gamestop nearby if I can find one that is open at midnight. We have like a quadrillion of them around. One has to be open, right?

WoWScrnShot_120410_192548What I really wanted to talk about is something AMAZING. I started leveling an Undead Hunter after the Shattering. I figured, why not? I hadn’t heard all that much about the changes made to the first few zones of the Undead leveling experience but it had been a long time since I had gone through it. I just have to say OMG.. I have been having the best and most engrossing experience I think I have ever had in WoW while leveling. The story telling with the new Silverpine forest changes are exquisite. They really make you want to take your time and read through all the text. See what is going on in the story and FEEL like a real HERO. You even get a personal explanation of the motivations of the Forsaken by Sylvannis herself.

WoWScrnShot_112810_210725I won’t go too much into the experience because I think people should enjoy it un-spoiled. I have started up trying out the new Tauren starting area with a Tauren Paladin. I think they have done alright here so far but there are far less changes and the lore is not so deep and thick as it is in the Forsaken starting areas. I also tried out the Gnome area which is, um, cute.. so far.. I haven’t really gotten more than a couple levels in there though. On my undead, I’ve also started doing the quests in the newly broken in half Stranglethorn Vale. I like the changes. The Nesingwary quests are still there (kill 10 of these, and then 10 of these, etc.) but now they auto complete wherever you are until after you kill the “special”, named Mob at the end of the quest lines. I’m really enjoying that new feature.

WoWScrnShot_112710_165107I don’t really know how much the horde leveling has changed there because I never leveled a horde through it. It does seem much more stream-lined though. I am almost out of that area I think and then on to the “Cape” part of SV. After that I want to check out the changes to the Plaguelands. I hear it’s a pretty good change. Seems like the undead areas got some of the best work! If you have done some leveling/questing in the new areas after 4.0, let me know what you though in the comments here.

WoWScrnShot_112710_155621Am I prepared for Cataclysm? Well, not necessarily, but I don’t think I’ve ever been “prepared” for an expansion before. I am definitely READY though. I’ll be starting up a Goblin on Cenarion Circle. If you want to join a bunch of us doing that, let me know! Also, I’ll start a new Worgen. I did that starting area in the beta but I’d like to see the differences and maybe even stick with the Worgen for a while. At some point I might race change others of my toons to Worgen or Goblin but for now I’m not planning on it. Of course, I will be leveling Fimlys through to 85 first. I told my Guild Leader that it was my intention to do that and he seemed fine with it. Next will probably be the druid. I’m really not sure though, we’ll just have to see what we need and what interests me the most!

Ok! I’m outta here. Make sure if you are going to be outside in the cold for this midnight release tonight you bundle up!

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