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November 2010
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Shadow Mourning

Whoa.. It’s so SHINY! No, that’s not me holding that beautiful legendary axe. Shadowmourne is the property of Mythos’ Guild/Raid Leader. We’re all excited that he finally got all his shards and such. The little soul fragments that start swirling around it are pretty cool too. Especially if he is flying around while he has them ..

This week’s 25man was particularly productive (even forgetting about the axe). I actually got a ring upgrade (I don’t remember what it was called, but it was an upgrade!) and we got through all but Sindragosa and LK on the first night! The second night we got Sindy without too much effort once people figured out the Phase 2 ice block placement areas. We then took a few swings at LK before people had to head out. We’re planning on extending the raid for next week and hopefully can get him down.

WoWScrnShot_111710_214212It’s very exciting getting closer to the release of the expansion. I’ve done the pre-cata event quests and took my Paladin into fight the Fire Boss once. Of course, not remembering (or relearning actually) how to play my Ret Pally didn’t help and I ended up standing in the fire a little too long looking for stuff on my action bars.. Ooops.. We killed him anyway but, of course, the stupid group didn’t wait for me to get the quest before starting so I will still have to do it again if I want to finish it.

WoWScrnShot_111110_094205I’ve also been continuing to level my Rogue and Warlock on and off. With a bunch of non-WoW games waiting in the wings (Rock Band 3 has been sucking down my time now) and holiday stuff coming up, my playtime might be a little curtailed. The rogue is at 77 and the warlock is still at 76, I think, although she is getting closer to 77. I don’t see making 80 before cata comes but 78 might be likely. That will give me 5 80s and 2 78s.

We’re progressing with plans to get a bunch of people together to start leveling Goblins after cata drops. We’ll be forming at least 1 5-man group hopefully and only level together (maybe after getting out of the starting areas). If you have any interest in joining us, give me a holler (comment here or email or contact form) and I’ll get you the info.

That’s about it. The rest of the week will probably be more non-WoW than WoW but who knows. Smile with tongue out See ya’ll around!

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