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November 2010
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Crisis of Multiple Altentities

Ok, so Altentities isn’t a word. Sorry. Hopefully you get my drift.. So, what do I want to talk about? Well, I read a post on Dechion’s Place about how he believes that the problem with the changes to Hunters in 4.0.x isn’t in the changes themselves but in his perception of them (or something like that, sorry Dech if I am mis-construing). Another thing he noted is that he thinks he is more accepting of the changes to other classes because he feels he’s relearning those classes each time so the changes weren’t as “catastrophic” (sigh, that was mine.. ;P )..

WoWScrnShot_102710_213857So, what is this all about? As I recently noted right here on aatwow, I’ve gotten a bit of a second wind.. Or, is that third wind. Fourth? More likely Fifth, I’m thinking. Anyway, I have been inspired to spend more time playing WoW and leveling some more of my alts. The problem comes about switching through different of my alts. I actually have 2 characters that I would consider my “mains”. Those would be the Hunter and the Balance Druid. I can pretty much play them both as DPS interchangeably and get similar DPS and they have similar gear levels. My other alts always take me a while to figure out when I switch to them and with the 4.0.x change, I still have no idea how to play my Paladin.

WoWScrnShot_101210_224456People have asked me what I am doing when it comes to Cataclysm. I answer that first, I will level Fimlys. He was my first and he’ll always be the first to the max level cap in each expansion. Next will probably be the druid, Fyra. After that, well, there is a “bit” of the crisis. Which comes next? Generally Fhuun, my priest, would probably be up next to level but now I’ve got a max level mage and paladin. I might even have a max level Rogue and Horde Warlock .. I have a feeling I might be swapping through all of them over time. Each one giving me that “new car smell” for a while and then, when it wears off, I’ll be ready to move on.

WoWScrnShot_101710_211001Going back to the original discussion about Dech’s post. I think one of the reasons I didn’t have as much trouble as some with the changes in 4.0.x is that I have become such an Altaholic. I am constant switching between my toons and re-learning how to play them over and over and over. This change was just a little larger than the “I’m switching over to my druid” one that I had before. Dech mentioned that he has the same button layout, etc. for all of his Hunters. But since I have only one hunter I play, I don’t have that problem (which seems to have led to his current predicament).

WoWScrnShot_102910_205659It seems this is the one instance where being indecisive pays off.. Hah! I’ve been enjoying playing my Hunter with the changes in 4.0.1 and, of course, I am waiting patiently (ok, really impatient here…) for Cataclysm to come out to give me the new levels to quest through and areas to explore. I’ve also been enjoying the other classes and realize that things are no longer optimized for 80 as level cap. I know a bunch of additional changes are supposed to be coming to do things to rebalance the 80s and make the leveling curve more viable and the item curve at 85 mean something (hopefully).

WoWScrnShot_103010_155742There are still things I love about Wrath and even things I am still learning on the horde side of things. I find it interesting that, as it seemed to me, it was much faster to get to Wrathgate (which I have now done 7 times) on Horde than it was on Alliance. I love learning where the differences are and where the difference in quests is really just a reskinning of the text and you are getting pretty much the same one.

WoWScrnShot_090710_230605With Cataclysm I am even adding ANOTHER toon that I intend to at least level for a little while and that is a Goblin. I’m pretty sure I’ll level a Worgen too at some point. Of course, they just announced that we can race change to Worgen or Goblin on release, so I might just do that to one of my alliance chars. Maybe one of the Draenei! Ok, I’m done with the rambling. Those of you who listen to the podcasts know I can ramble on forever and so, knowing that I’m doing that, I’m going to head it off right now. Thanks for listening to me. Talk to you all later!

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