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November 2010
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Back on Walkabout

Well, not exactly walking.. More like a Flyabout? So, I already told you I transferred my lock over to the Horde side and got inspired to level her again. I’ve now gotten her to level 75 and even completed the Wrathgate set of quests! It’s a lot of fun seeing the other side of things in a bunch of areas. The only problem I feel is coming is that the quest lines that were split are coming back together. It seems that a lot of the quests are now just “reskinned” versions of the Alliance ones (or vice-versa). I hear Ice Crown gets back to more of the split again, but it might be a while before I get there!

Not only did I catch the questing/leveling bug on my ‘lock but I also seem to have picked it up on my Rogue! I spent a large amount of time yesterday questing on him. Enough, in fact, that he is now level 76! I also got MOST of the Wrathgate stuff done. They only thing left is the assault on Undercity. I also want to do the pre-cataclysm events. They are good xp for not much work. I’ve even managed to find and close 3 (or more, can’t remember) portals on my warlock!

That’s about it that is going on. We recorded a fun TNB with StealthySlyth from Gaming Angels on Saturday night and tonight is Polygamerous, of course. Tomorrow we do ICC25. Our raid leader only need 8 more shards for the Legendary and, even though he is the one that gets it, we’re all excited! Time to get going. I’ll try to keep you updated with what is going on. Less than one month until Cataclysm is starting to motivate me I guess. Smile with tongue out

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