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October 2010
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One 4 All and All 4.0.1

So, the 4.0.1 pre-cataclysm patch has arrived (I’m sure you already know this.. you do, don’t you?) and, as usual, there are a TON of changes. Basically the mechanics and class trees and spells and talents and everything have shifted. For some, this is a good thing. For others, not so much. I’m on the side of “change can be good” even if not ALL of the changes are good. One of the things people have been upset about recently in WoW (or not so recently anyway) is that the game was getting “stale” at least for a handful of the 12mil subscribers. With 4.0.1 things have changed so dramatically almost across the board that it is difficult not to believe it’s a lot less “boring”. Learning the new class mechanics, etc. and complaining to Blizzard seems to be taking a lot of people’s time right now leaving less room to complain about not having anything new to actually do for a while (that is worth it anyway).

Fyra_101210_224456I have two of my own philosophies on 4.0.1. The first has to do with what almost every large patch that Blizz puts out. This is a beta. They might not call it a beta, but in reality we are testing out all the changes they have made and they want to see it in action before MORE code goes in like the changes to the world, etc. Let everyone concentrate on the bugs found in the class and mechanics changes as opposed to the world-level changes. The other is that we need to realize now that level 80, it’s a leveling level. What?!? Yeah, level 80 is just one step on the way to 85. Is it now? No. But it will be when Cataclysm comes out and BLizzard has stated time and again that they spent more time balancing on level 85 than the levels in between. So, as I am a generally relaxed individual, I’ll keep trucking and hope for the best.

Fizz_101410_235159So far I have done raids with my Druid (Boomkin), Hunter (Marksman) and my Mage!?!? (Arcane then Fire). We did Naxx (full clear) that first night and I brought the druid. Second night we did Ony then Sarth3D and then VoA. I brought my Hunter to those and he got the Sarth3D-10 title! Last night we headed back into ICC for the first time since the patch and it was an “alt” run. Some of the peeps weren’t alts, but might DEFINITELY was. I brought my mage (whose gear leaves something to be desired) and tried out Arcane spec first. I didn’t “love” it and decided to try out Fire. This was much more fun if not more DPS and I think I got the hang of it. Still not doing amazing DPS but I did pick up about 4 new pieces of armor/rings+.

Right now I am putting most of my efforts into Blizzcon anticipation. Getting ready for our party/meetup and hopefully getting enough rest that I don’t need much in Anaheim. I finally got my “barcode” (ticket) and I think everything else is pretty much ready to go. A week from now we’ll be knee deep in Blizzard goodness.. Either that or Blizzcon bacterium.. Smile with tongue out 

Looking back at 4.0.1 when, um, 4.2 comes out we’ll all probably say that all that worry was for nothing because look how great Blizzard has balanced out the stuff that was wrong.. Well, all except for Hunters.. We’ll always be OP .. Later all!

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