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September 2010
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The Tasty Mystic Buffet

As I have said before, Tues and Wed are our 25man ICC nights. We’ve been getting farther and farther each week generally (these are non-hard mode runs so far) and last night we got Sindragosa down for the first time in a long time. We’ve only been getting to her in the 2nd night just recently (other than prior to our recent reorganization as changes to people’s schedules have caused drop-outs). We wiped a few times, but everyone finally got the hang of how it went and we got her down! We did find out an interesting tidbit on the Blood Princes fight. If you have a mage, make sure they are careful with their mirror images.. If you have that cast when the Empowered Fireball is coming out and one of them gets targeted, it can wipe all the Melee around the boss. The fireball gets confused and can’t track the image and so turns around and blasts all the peeps next to the boss instead. Pretty much insta-wipe there.. Yay! Smile with tongue out

Gobbler_092910_210342I did login to the Beta for a few seconds last night too. I had a free race change button on my new Troll Warrior I had so I decided to try it out. I converted my Troll Warrior to a Goblin Warrior. Why? Well, I wanted to check out their racials! Smile The bank access is pretty freaking cool, btw. And I even took a screenshot of the dude that shows up to give you access. He follows you around for about a minute and you talk to him to access your bank. Very, very cool!

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