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September 2010
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Slayer O’ King

Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Friday night I joined up with our already in progress 10man raid which we’ve been extending for a couple weeks. We’ve been doing hardmodes and were up to Sindragosa hard mode. We bashed our head against that (getting her to 8% wasn’t too shabby for one of the tries) but then as it got later the decision was made to switch back to normal and move on to Lich King to get the people who didn’t have Kingslayer (i.e. me) their title, etc. After a few wipes (there was at least one person in the raid that hadn’t even seen that fight before) we finally got him down.. Well, that is to say.. He killed us all.. But that was all part of the plan it seems. In the end, we were the ones with the cool titles and there was a cool cut-scene.. Smile

The guild has killed him a few times on 10man but I have always been unavailable for the night they do so. It was great of them to help us out ( I think there were 3 in the run that didn’t have it).

Anyway, I did work a little more on the Gnomeregan quests. I got to the point where you are actually going to be starting the big battle but didn’t feel like waiting for him to get back. I ran the full gamut through on my Rogue, but he isn’t level 80, so he couldn’t get past getting the new speech. It feels very much like a holiday event really. Speaking of holiday events, I hear it is Brewfest! I haven’t been on in a few days and so havn’t partaken in the ceremonies. So, I hope everyone is having a good brewfest and I’ll speak to you all later!