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August 2010
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Lets All Play I Spy

Hey there! What’s going on? I know things are generally in a bit of a slump around here while we all wait on Cataclysm. I’ve still been playing though and now that TNB is going to be recording on Saturdays I can actually show up for the Tuesday night raids. We raid usually tues-fri and we’re doing Hard Modes ICC right now as much as possible. Last night (We had to start Wednesday because of lack of ppl on Tuesday) we headed in and did the first wing in Hard Mode. Well, we skipped Lady Deathwhisper because we were trying to get the Achievement. We didn’t, unfortunately, but I think we have the basics for it down. We also tried to do the achievement for the “Loot Ship” on 10 man and we tried it while on Hard Mode. We had a good strategy and we are all pretty certain we pulled it off, but we didn’t get the achievement. Sad smile

However, a good thing that came out of the Loot Ship attack was .. Yes.. Loot! I picked up Muradin’s Spyglass which I desperately needed. I have a lot of “low” level trinkets or non-optimal ones for a Boomkin. So, now I have what seems to be much better than the one I was using before.

Since Blizzcon is only 2 months away, I’ve had to get started planning the Twisted Nether Meetup. Trying to brainstorm ideas, etc. If anyone has any thoughts on where we might be able to do it and/or lives in/near the Anaheim Convention Center and would like to help, send us email: info at twistednether.net . We’re looking for a venue where we can eat, drink and be marry that will not charge TNB itself anything to have the event. Basically the place would make money on drinks and food only. We might be able to swing a SMALL amount but I’m really not sure. We’d love people to RSVP and let us know if they are coming so we can use that for leverage. Thanks!

Somehow I got myself back addicted to Heroes of Might and Magic V. I really don’t understand how it happened… Anyway, I’m playing that and now I learn that HOMM VI is in the works. Ok, that’s not WoW stuff but.. I’ll try to be back on a more regular basis. I enjoy writing in here but I’ve been very busy lately. Thanks everyone for sticking it all out with me. If nothing else, maybe I’ll start putting up a screenshot library post every week.

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