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August 2010
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Some Modes Are Hard


I don’t know that I mentioned it yet, but we’ve started raiding “In Guild” again. Our 10man is almost exclusively guild members and the 25man run is about 1/2 (usually). Our GM/RL is running things on these (at least mostly on the 25man) and we’re doing pretty well. On the 10man side of things, we are working on the Hard Modes.. I have to say, some of them.. They really are hard. Smile Additionally we’ve been doing achievements on the ones we aren’t doing as hard mode. We’ve gotten the first wing through on all Hard Modes without wiping once. We’ve gotten the 2 side bosses on Plague the same way. We’ve had issues with Blood Princes, but we got the Blood Queen down in Hard mode. That’s it so far.

WoWScrnShot_081410_155939I’ve been playing more of the Cataclysm beta also. I spent a little time in Darkshore looking around (trying to find a pet.. Had to run back to Darnassus to get one.. ugh). I did the new Troll starting area and it’s pretty fun. It’s also really well done in terms of the feeling of the place. However, it does seem that since you are only there until possibly level 6, you don’t really get to appreciate it for long. The quests are fun and it moves pretty fast. I tried out a Troll Warrior. I haven’t yet done the Goblin starting area (and might wait until release for that) but I am thinking of doing the Gnome one next.

Starcraft II. What can I say? I really loved the Single player part of this game. I finally finished it this weekend and had a great time. I ‘m thinking about re-doing the few missions I did in “casual” and try them in “normal”. The final battle I ended up just running in Casual to get through it, but I think I can handle it in Normal. Also, I was thinking about running through the whole thing again and making different decisions in terms of buying upgrades in the armory and also which ones I get in the lab. I just want More More More. I’m not unhappy with how the game ended and really look forward to the next “installment”. They really do sound more like expansions than full games though. I wonder if they are going to sell them that way (for an expansion price too) or just do em as stand-alone games.

WoWScrnShot_081510_215558I’m not so hot on the Multiplayer side. I actually did my first online “training” level game. I won, but only because the other team quit. He never really came at my base and I hit his a couple times. But in the end he was actually ahead of me in troops and such it seems. Ah well, I won anyway! Woo hoo!

That’s about it. I’m sorry, if you care, that I haven’t been writing much. I would like to but haven’t had much to talk about. I usually say anything I would here in my 2 weekly podcasts, Polygamerous and the Twisted Nether Blogcast, so it seems somewhat redundant sometimes. I’m trying to get better and as I have more stuff that isn’t just, “Hey, I got this loot from this boss I’ve killed 8,243 times”, I’ll try to blog more! Later!

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