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June 2010
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Ruby Sanctum : Fire Fire Fire…

I logged in for a bit last night prior to recording TNB and got invited to our 25man Raid. The Ruby Sanctum had opened and we wanted to head right in and kick some Dragonkin butt. So… We headed on in and promptly wiped to the first Trash Pack. No, it wasn’t because we weren’t doing CC (although that might have helped). Well, I guess off tanking them could be considered CC, eh? It was because we took that same nonchalant attitude we have been taking in ICC for a while. Just Kill Em All! Well, not single targeting doesn’t really work.

So, we came back in and starting single target taking down the groups and had much better luck that way. There are a few packs that have a mob called Charscale Commander. For these, they had one of the druids (me actually) Hibernate this guy while we killed the rest of the pack. Reason? He does a buff to the other mobs and that makes the fight much harder. So, you keep him on ice (or well, asleep) until done with the rest.

The 3 mini-bosses actually weren’t so bad. I have to say that Saviana Ragefire was probably what I would consider the most difficult. She does an AOE “curse” type thing that puts a bunch of the raid on fire and you have to be away from everyone else while this is going on or other will get hit by it. We still ended up one-shotting her with more than 1/2 the raid dead… Baltharus the Warborn and General Zarithrian aren’t too bad but require off-tanking to be on the ball.

Halion_062910_224541For Baltharus, he splits off some copies of himself that need to be tanked and all the DPS need to make sure they stay on HIM and ignore the adds. Zarithrian also spawns adds, but he spawns Dragonkin. They all seemed to be spellcasters so just have an offtank try to tank them as best you can or have a few of the peeps in the raid try to CC them and get back to killing the boss. In general DPS should concentrate on Zarithrian and there shouldn’t be much of a problem even with a ton of adds milling about (Healers really have to be on the ball, though).

What about Halion… Well, we didn’t get it down, well, at least while I was on. I had to bug out after a couple tries. There are 3 phases here and all I know is the key to Phase 2 is staying away from the Freaking Balls with Freaking Laser Beams… All in all, if your raid is well geared for ICC ad maybe you are doing a few Heroic modes in 10man even then I think you will not have all that much of a problem with this Raid.

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