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June 2010
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This One Goes to 25

First off, I want to say that I KNOW that the ICC buff is up to 25%. Secondly, I also want to say that I am proud of our 25man group. Why? Because we are 11/12 as of last night! Yes, we are only doing regular modes, but this is an achievement for us. We even got Sindragosa down on the second try (again, I know… 25%).. That fight is not all about DPS, it’s also about where you stand when you get the ice block so as to not ice block the WHOLE RAID… Anyway. I was excited. I didn’t get anything for the run at all (booo) and all the tokens that dropped were the pally, priest, warlock variety. I did have fun though. It’s nice to kill stuff! Woot!

So anyway, tonight is 10man again. We’ve been doing the hard modes in 10man which is nice, but I’m still not needing most of the stuff that drops there. Really, I don’t need much at all for the hunter and druid except for a good trinket.. That would be nice.

I spent the time before the raid getting my addons working correctly with 3.3.5 and playing a little with the RealID system. One cool feature that I don’t remember being mentioned is the ability to have a multi-way conversation with your realid friends. And.. You can include friends that the people you are chatting with don’t have as friends.. You could use this to introduce someone to someone else so they can see if they want to friend them and also to just have as a communication device. I had a few issues with getting WIM to work right with RealID. Even the newer version told me there was no such person when I tried to talk with RealID friends. I’m going to try out Cellular which is supposedly a lighter-weight version of WIM. I like the functionality of WIM, so I hope I can get it to work..

Had some other issues with Prat. One of the features of prat (at least I thought it was) used to be moving the chat edit box to the TOP of the chatbox.. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do that again.  Either it was removed, I am just blind, or it was never there to begin with.

Another BIG problem I had with 3.3.5 and addons was with Fubar. It was, for lack of a better term, completely “fubared”.. 😛 (yeah yeah). So, I picked up Fortress which is a Broker container and got that all setup with both my fubar plugins (via fubar2broker) and just other broker addons. If anyone knows of a Broker container they like better than Fortress, let me know. I don’t MIND fortress, but i’d like something that maybe could auto setup all of the addons in a fubar-like way at the top.. Anyway, I might move back to fubar if/when they get it all working right. I haven’t tried logging into another char, so I don’t know how they are doing with regards to addons.

So, that’s about it so far from 3.3.5. No Ruby Sanctum yet, so I can’t comment/put up tips for that yet. But I plan to when it’s up. Thanks for listening (well reading) to me blabber on.. 😀