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May 2010
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The White Blog

Yeah, I failed at changing my theme.. Actually, I was upgrading my theme to a newer version of the SAME theme and well, there is something wrong with it. So, I switched back.. So much for that. For a couple of hours, if you came to my blog.. All you saw was a White Screen. It might have been only slightly more informative than my usual blog posts, so, really, no harm done, right? 😛

Anyway. I actually do have a little more to tell you than that. If you didn’t notice, there was an announcement by Blizzard that the Blizzcon 2010 tickets are going on sale on June 2 and June 5. If you are interested in going, make sure you have your battle.net account all setup correctly and your blizzard store settings ready. I’m planning on heading out there for the big show this year again. If you are too, let me know!

I did get to raid a little this weekend.. But not with Fimlys.. Nor with Fyra.  I did the weekly raid (Razorscale) with my Priest.. Yeah, I was one of 2 healers in the 10man Ulduar run. It was very interesting. I’ve really not used the priest in quite a while now so getting back into the swing of things took a couple of seconds. Thankfully the fight is a joke now.. But my priest got himself some sweet emblems in the deal, so he’s happy.

My first week of back to back nights of Podcasting went as well as could be expected. As well as could be expected while continuing the trend of my allergies deciding now was a great time to assert themselves. Hopefully too much of my hacking and sneezing doesn’t make it onto the show. But now my voice is really wrecked.. Gotta rest it now.. *sigh*