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Robe de Merlin

The raid was, by reason of the RL not showing up all night, cancelled. I did a bit of research through the guild as to whom had a good set of advanced Tailoring recipes that would be good for my Mage, Fizz. I got a few responses, but one had the Merlin’s Robe recipe and so I went about picking up the mats for it.

I used a bunch of the, now useless to some of the toons that have the most, Triumph Emblems to pick up the 8 Crusader Orbs I needed. Then searched the Auction House for the parts I needed to make myself some ebonweave and spellweave. Well, looking at the prices of the eternals, it dawned on me that it might be cheaper just to buy the cloth.. And.. It was! So, I picked up what I needed left of those 2, transferred the Dream Shards from my enchanter and was ready to go.

In the meantime, a Weekly Raid quest run on Razorscale was being setup and I joined in. I got my robe made and we proceeded to quickly down FL and Razorscale to get the quest done.

Another thing I spent a little time doing yesterday that had nothing to do with WoW was… I played 3d Dot Game Heroes. It’s a game for the PS3 by Altus that is a huge homage to the old style Zelda-like hack/slash RPGs. It’s pretty fun so far. Are there things I wouldn’t have done the way they did? Things I wish worked differently? Sure.. But that is normal with any game. 😛

Last announcement, I’ll be LIVE on Women of Warcraft (yes, I know I am not a woman) with Molly at 8pm EDT at http://live.womenofwarcraft.tv . Come join us!

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