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May 2010
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Six of One

I just don’t know. There are many things to talk about out there if I didn’t already talk about most of them on TNB. We’ve got the RealID stuff. We’ve got the upcoming Ruby Sanctum raid. We’ve got other changes possibly coming in 3.3.5. The, sooner or later, Gnomeregan and Echo Isles pre-Cataclysm events. We’ve got the Official Cataclysm preview drips and drabs coming out of Blizzard. And.. We’ve got all the hubbub about the leaks posted by MMO-Champion and now subsequently removed.

Now.. I could have linked to all of those things in that paragraph, but if you haven’t already heard about them all a million times, then you are not trying very hard.. 😛

Anyway. I didn’t want to put up a post “just to post”. I really just want to ramble, I think. My normal posts here tend to be more of a journal style. “This is what I did last night, last week, last month..” .. Whatever. Now, I assume you guys that are reading this like that, or you probably wouldn’t be subscribed to my site. Well, then again, I seem to get a lot of people who make it here looking for ToC hints and tips and tricks. Hello to all of you! Welcome to my humble spot on the internetz. I have written way too many words that all jumble down into pretty much the same crap over and over.

It’s difficult to find interesting words to say about the Raiding you’re doing (which seems to generally be all I do in WoW lately) when the actual raiding part is not all that interesting. Same fights.. Over and Over.. Not really much progression at this point. 10man is still banging on the LK (whoa.. I said Banging…).. 25man is trying to get Blood Queen and Putricide.. Haven’t even tried Sindragosa yet. I

SHip_051110_220520 I could tell you that last night we got Blood Queen down to 2mil health before she enraged. I could say that if the mage had stayed alive longer at the beginning we could have probably gotten her. I could tell you that on the subsequent pull we were doing great until 2 people disconnected and one never came back so we called the raid (was about that time anyway). I could say that we did awesome, as usual, getting up to that point (one shot everything else). But, all of that is generally what I’ve already told you.. (well, a few updates, but yeah).

I have 2 “Mains”. I know, the definition of a “main” is that it’s your main character. But I define it more as the best geared one. Well, my Hunter AND my Druid are both extremely well geared. I was hoping to pick some more 25man gear up for my Hunter (I swapped who went to which raids) but nothing so far. The druid might have a better gear score, but that is only because, generally, the higher level gear I have (and/or can buy) for the Hunter is not necessarily an upgrade (this is one of the places GS breaks down).

Don’t get me wrong. I know it sounds like I’ve had enough and I should just stop, but I still enjoy the time I spend raiding with my friends (or I WOULD stop). It’s a lot more fun than any of the other things I keep thinking I should/want to do. I still have 2 toons in the 70s (Rogue and Warlock) that I’d like to get up to 80 (why? no clue). I’d like to run more heroics with the Mage to get him some more gear so he can maybe start going to some alt runs and get ever BETTER gear. I do enjoy playing the mage (now that I understand all those buttons.. 😛 ) and would like to do it more in the raid setting.

I also have my priest.. Level 80. I enjoy healing with him, but I don’t enjoy healing in the randoms so much.. I’d prefer to get a group of friends together and do it that way, but there doesn’t seem to be as much of that going on either. It’s almost like we are on Raid-Only autopilot right now. Login, Raid, Logout..

ScreenShot00000 I am playing a bunch of other games, which you can hear about weekly on Polygamerous. I’ve even been dabbling wth LOTRO a bit (the horror!). Been having a little fun with that and all. I’m still a WoW guy though. I don’t intend to quit anytime soon. I’m VERY excited for the changes coming in Cataclysm. I think they will all be pretty interesting and even if some of them cause big upheavals? Well, it isn’t called Cataclysm for nuttin’.. 😛

Of course, Blizzcon is also coming up. Very much looking forward to that. Well, it would be nice to know when the tickets are going on sale. Knowing when I need to be chillin’ at the computer with my finger on the F5 key. That would be nice.

So, do you think I have rambled on long enough? I have a feeling that if I keep sitting here typing.. Stuff will keep spewing out.. Maybe. Possibly. It might be completely incoherent (unlike what I’ve already written?). Anyway.. That’s pretty much all I’ve got. TNB is turning 2 years old soon and we’re trying to work out what we can do special for that (let us know on twitter or email, etc). Polygamerous is really moving along too. Still trying to build up the audience. If you know someone who likes playing video/computer games (or well, yourself, of course) let them know about it. Russell, Andy, Kelly and I have an awesome time recording each episode and I think it shows.

Have a good one guys.. Sorry for the wall-o-text. 😛

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