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May 2010
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Coming Soon! – Fim’s Multiboard

So, I’ve been working on this little project I might have talked about before.FMBSplash

Yes, Fim’s MultiBoard.. What does it do? I’m glad you asked. It’s basically a Windows Soundboard with some added functionality. What is a Soundboard? I’m glad you asked! (well, maybe not..) So, it’s an application that gives one (or more) sets of buttons that, when setup correctly, will play a certain audio file out to an output. (Well, that’s it simplified anyway). My version has 25 buttons per panel and 5 panels at a time for a total of 125 accessible buttons without saving/loading the set (which you can do, by the way). Additionally, you can output that sound to up to 4 configurable audio outputs (your speakers, usb headset, special Virtual Audio Cables, etc). Each of these devices output level can be set independently and there is also a Master Volume setting that can be used to set the relative volume based on those levels. Also, there is a Mute functionality for each Device. (Only 1 of each device may be unmuted at a time)image

Another feature I added was a Playlist functionality. Separately from the buttons (on it’s own tab [see below]), there is a playlist. This playlist allows you to setup any pre-show music or a set of audio files you want to play in a row and do so. It will output to the same devices setup for the buttons in the same way (you can’t play both at the same time though, sorry). The playlists, like the button set, can be saved and loaded. Both the current button set and current playlist are saved in a configuration file which will keep them through exit/restart of the application.


So, there you have it. I’m still working out the kinks and have the application currently in a bit of a Beta testing phase. If you are interested in checking it out and providing feedback, let me know. The only thing I ask if you decide to use the application for your podcast is to, at some point in your shows, please give credit and point listeners to my 2 podcasts, Polygamerous and Twisted Nether Blogcast.

Thanks! I really think this is a great little tool for podcasters, especially if you Broadcast LIVE using multiple devices (and utilities like Virtual Audio Cables). It’s good for playing voicemails, dropins. Just remember it only plays one audio file at a time and each device’s audio might be slightly out of sync (moreso if you have a slower computer, I think). The idea behind wanting it on multiple outputs is so that you and your guests (on skype, etc.) can hear it also (if you have some way of redirecting that audio back to them from a VAC or equivalent.) .. The playlist is great for preshow music! Oh, and I WILL be writing up the “How to Live Podcast the TNB way” soon over at TNB.. I’ve been a little caught up in writing this program…

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