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April 2010
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Keystone Copter

I’ve been busy, but not necessarily in WoW. I have done a bunch of stuff, but my free time tends to be spent on a few other games right now including: Lord of Ultima (although technically I can, and do, play this WHILE playing WoW), Babo Invasion f/ Madballs, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Zombie Driver, and others.. You see, I’m a little Polygamerous (no surprise there, eh?).

I HAVE been playing WoW though. I spent some time (and a bunch of money) finally building my Engineer his Roflcopter.. Some of the mats have gotten expensive due to low supply. To make up for it, I sold a Mithril Dragonling trinket for 1k gold (woot!). I’ve still been raiding. Actually, raiding quite a bit. Generally the days I don’t raid/login to wow necessarily are: Monday (for polygamerous), Friday (for TNB) and Saturday (for doing stuff other than WoW).

Our 10-man, at least until we hit 15% buff is running around with a few alts now of some of the main raiders. Thankfully these are ICC-ready alts and haven’t caused too much trouble. Of course, we aren’t doing as well as we were with their mains, but I think that might just be having them learn a different side of the fight. The 25-man is progressing pretty well. We’re still having issues with the “main” bosses Putricide and Blood Queen and we haven’t even tried Sindragosa yet. We DID get Valithria Dreamwalker down (well, um.. UP?) in 25 mode though. We’re moving a bit more slowly in that we have different people each week and sometimes even have to explain fights. It’s still fun though and I’m still, slowly, getting gear upgrades still too.

That’s about it, I hope to be posting more often here, but, to be honest, not much is going on that is worth posting about. I could say the same thing each day/week.. We got this down.. We got this down.. But, unfortunately, I’m not sure you want to read that any more than I want to write it (or have time to write it 😛 )..  I think the community is kinda in the waiting phase right now. I suppose I could try to write something up on my take on some of the Cataclysm changes, but I did that, a bit, on TNB. 🙂 Well, have a good one!

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