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April 2010
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A Perfect 10

Well, not really, but I liked the title. 10 meaning.. 10% buff in ICC now.. The 10% buff has been helping, I’ll give you that. In our 25 man this week we got all but Putricide, Blood Queen, Sindragosa, and the LK. We did pretty well on Putricide and BQ when we gave them a shot too. I think we might even get one down next week hopefully.

However, in the 10-man we’re still getting to the LK but not getting him down.  We’ve made it to the 2nd transition a couple of times but not been able to “seal the deal”. We’ve been extending the lockout and just hitting on the big boy himself now for a couple weeks. No luck. I’m hoping we get him down while the 10% is still in effect, but it might take the 15% to do it .. Well, that and new gear we’re picking up in the 25s.. Of course, I bring a different toon to each.. (DOH!)

So anyway, I was away for a week on a tropical island, sipping Margarita’s and watching the waves.. I would say that’s why I didn’t put up a post, but, really, I’d have been surprised if I had done so anyway. Too much to do, too little time. I DO have to say that I’m pretty excited over all the reveals about Cataclysm stuff.. Leads me to believe the Beta is even closer. I know everyone will have their things within the class changes, etc. that they don’t particularly like, but that happens on pretty much every change.

IMG_9533 One thing I think we gain by the larger changes they make is somewhat of a feeling of playing a “new” game. Lots of people out there talk about burnout and such. Expansions, with their radical changes (and of course, new content) help people who have left or just gotten bored to get back into the swing of things. I have not yet found a change they are making that makes me upset, it’s just something different now and either we will like it or get used to it, or stop playing that class, etc.. I would be more put-out if they didn’t make any changes like these and just rested on their laurels and such.

All in all, I find it all (ok, that’s a lot of alls) very, very, very exciting!

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