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March 2010
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The Sindragosa is Melting

Sunday is our second night of 10-man ICC. This week, all we had left was the Plague Wing (yes, the whole thing), Sindragosa and the Lich King. We plowed through the plague wing and, amazingly enough, one shot Putricide. I won’t say it was without incident. With about 25k health left, only the 2 tanks and an “angilified” priest were left up. Thankfully they were able to get him down and, as one of them was a Paladin, rez us.. 😛

The Plague Wing down, we turned our attention to Sindragosa. As one of the group had never done the fight before and 2 others (including one of the tanks) had never done the fight with Us before, we were skeptical as to the outcome. Well, we shouldn’t have been. Rack up another “hole in one” for team whateverournameis! We one shot Sindragosa! You actually might think, mistakenly, that we knew what we were doing. Maybe we ARE ready for the Lich King!

The new Patch 3.3.3 is out now in the US (and will be in the EU tomorrow). With it we get a Frozen Orb vendor that will trade all those pesky orbs for some other goodies. Additionally those Frozen Orbs will now be “forced greed” in Heroic Instances instead of allowing for ppl to ninja them whenever they want. One of the changes I think my son will appreciate the most is the Random BG tool. He really enjoys Battlegrounds and I think having the random and the ability to get a nice reward for at least the first BG he does per day is a bonus!

Hopefully tonight the lag won’t be too crazy. It seems every week there is a patch especially, but even just from the restarts, we get really bad lag throughout the system. Tonight is 25man ICC, so we want to avoid the lag if possible. Hopefully we’ll make as good progress as we have been in 10man. Later!