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March 2010
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The Lich King is…

still not dead… At least not to our raid group. Our 10 man run has, at least, made it that far. We’ve spent a week and a half (yes, we extended the lockout) banging our heads against the big LK. We’ve gotten pretty good at the first phase and we seem to have the transition phase down. The biggest issue right now is both surviving phase 2 and actually doing damage to the boss so we can progress to the next transition and phase 3. I think we have saved someone from the Val’kyr .. um… once.. We’ve also wiped plenty of times by someone getting caught in the “big black pool”. If you’re “soaking in it” then you will be dead soon and probably end up wiping the rest of the raid too.

Besides that, I’ve been running around on my rogue and warlock some more. Working on leveling them up in Northrend. I’ve gotten into a few random dungeons on them and getting more comfortable with my ability to play them (kinda). Freez (the rogue) is up to 73 and Fellmara (the warlock) is up to 71. With rested XP and the 2 Heirloom armor pieces, instances seem to be the fastest place for leveling up. I still should be doing dailies on my mage and paladin and even the priest, but.. eh.. i dunno.

I think we are planning on letting ICC reset today so we can pick up more emblems and also get some more possibilities of decent loot dropping (we’re disenchanting more than we are giving out now 🙁 ). We’ll power through it and hopefully get a few more cracks at the LK.

Also, check out the latest TNB. We had another of our round tables! This was episode 80.. Wow.. Can’t’ believe we dinged 80.. Invite us to raid! (props to anyone who gets the reference I was trying to imply with the title.. )