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March 2010
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A Little Past 3

Wow.. I missed it.. March 8, 2010 was my 3 year Blogiversary! My first post? It’s actually somewhat anticlimactic. But, if you are feeling nostalgic, you can start back there and move forward.. :)  The first idea of the blog? Maybe a little RP?  Oh my.. You can see why I didn’t continue very long with that… When did I start my “famous” screenshot inclusions? Of course, the size they were then breaks my current theme.. Ooops..

Throughout my “blogging life”, I’ve kept you appraised (somewhat) of how my character(s) were progressing.. Since I started when I was most of the way to 70.. First milestone was just that! Getting a flying mount was just awesome. (I didn’t get a epic mount for Fimlys until I was questing in Storm Peaks in WOTLK.. That’s just crazy) ..

I think going through much more would just be .. Crazy.. I started playing WoW on Nov 30, 2004… 5 years+ later I am as into the game as ever (if not more) most of the time. A large portion of my blogging during BC was about Kara.. Amazing .. (Ok, not really).. Are you wondering when I started using the cool “Polaroid” image look? It wasn’t even a WoW Screenshot!

I’ve had a few more “popular” posts too.. One of the first was a Hunter Macro Guide (very very old and not updated, but I still use the Hunter’s Mark/Focus macro there..).. And I also did a bunch of Trial of the CrusaderMini-Guides”.

Above all though, I just want to say thank you. Thanks for sticking with me, whether it has been for all 3 years (I can’t believe that there is anyone that has done that…) or if you just happened to find the blog today and this is the first post you are reading! I’ve never been very structured, but I’ve tried to be entertaining (if nothing else, just the post titles.. where I can). I’m still not going anywhere but, as you can tell, my posting has slowed down. I expect that to pick up as new stuff comes out, as it usually does. You are always welcome to email me (head to the contact page for more info) to ask a question or just to say hi. Or you can always hit me up on Twisted Nether or Polygamerous.

So far, so good. Here is to another 3 years!