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March 2010
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Up In the Air, Junior Birdman

Again, I was farming. Well, actually, the last 2 nights we ran iCC-25. I brought the Druid and finally hit Exalted and got my “super-ring”. Other than that, nothing interesting dropped. We had pretty good luck with everything we tried other than the Lag Boss on the ship. First try on the ship we failed with what amounted to about 1% or less. This was all based on the lag getting onto and off of the ship, etc. For the second try, we did something a little different. Less people went over to the ship and the gunners just stayed where they were. Thus, when the canons came unblocked, they were able to continue immediately without having to wait to jump back over and get back in the guns. This strategy worked like a charm. Not only did we win despite the lag, we bested in them in record time!

Rotface and Festergut went down nice and easy too. You’d think we actually, finally knew what we were doing (oh, and the 5% buff probably helped). We moved on to the Blood Princes after dropping by the 1-badge mini-boss (skipping Putricide for now, we weren’t ready). We tried and failed a few times. We had a hunter trying to hold the Shadow DMG dealing Vamp but he was getting hit for 79k or whatever.. Think that one-shot him? Then our illustrious leader swapped over to his DK and did the tanking of that boss. We once again easily got past it. After that the raid was called, but all-in-all it was a successful run.

So, what’s with the title? I’m getting there.. Patience…

After the raid, I figured I would get back on Fellmara and finish up getting her to 375/375 so she was well prepared for Northrend. The Herbalism score was getting there, but I needed a lot of help with the Mining. I flew around and around and around Hellfire Peninsula and got most of my points there.. When Fel Iron got to the point when I wasn’t getting skillup from the more often than I was, I moved her over to Blades Edge and then Netherstorm to pick up Adamantite. Took quite a bit of time, but I finally did it.

As an aside again, selling all the ore and herbs picked up from this adventure netted me a very tidy sum. I’m generally pleased with the outcome of this experiment.

Ok. What’s this title all about? Well, I remembered, just before I was planning on logging out, that I could pick up the cold weather flying manual and send it to Fellmara. Ooops.. I could have done the first few quests I had, etc, much easier if I could fly (slowly, but it’s still flying). So I went and picked up the book and sent it away. She is now the happy owner of the ability to fly in Northrend which should make this whole leveling process much, much, much easier.

Tonight is the 10man ICC run. More rep for Fimlys and hopefully something good dropping. I might have to see if I can swap them out at some point and pull the druid into 10 and hunter into 25. Later all!