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March 2010
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A Warlock’s Garden

The last couple of days I have been doing something somewhat “mindless” in the game.. Running in circles. Well, running in circles and leveling Herbalism and Mining. I figured, when I created the Warlock, that since I already had one of each profession (at least) I would give Fellmara herbalism and mining so she could pick stuff up while leveling, etc. Well, given the RAF bonus, she never really had a chance to keep caught up while leveling. So, after hitting level 69, I took her a-roaming.

Her herb and mining skills were somewhere around 100 each. They are now 276 Herbalism and 246 Mining.. I have to admit the mining fell behind by a LONG way at first, but then I spent a lot of time (and gold) in Ironforge smelting to level it up closer to the Herb score. I am hoping to hit 300 tonight before the raid so she can head into Hellfire and just run around finishing up the run to Northrend level. Then I’ll go back and level her while mining/herbing where I find ‘em.

I learned one thing with all this “low” level mining and herbing.. People are willing to spend an insane amount of gold on lower level mats. Some of the herbs, like Goldthorn, are like gold mines in and of themselves. I almost made enough back to cover the money I spent on ore to smelt. Also, all that ore I smelted.. The bars sell better than the ore did (for some of them).  For Iron I had to make it into steel, but it’s a profit after that.  Of course, this is all on Draenor.. Your mileage may vary.

Other than that? I got the T10 headpiece for my Hunter. It was a nice upgrade from what I had. Some dailies, etc. Normal stuff. Raids didn’t happen Sunday or Monday due to poor turnout (sad for a 10man, eh?) . Don’t know whether we are extending our lockout again this week or just going to re-clear. The 5% buff goes into effect as of now, so I suppose that will make things go a little faster all over.

That’s it! Game Over Man! 😛

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