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February 2010
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Zod’s Repeating Lootdrops

Since we last spoke, some raiding has been going on. Our 10-man group (ICC) got the Blood Queen down without too much ado this time (although it wasn’t one shot). We also one shot .. or would you call that one healed .. the green dragon .. Valithria Dreamwalker.. Making our way down to Sindragosa we had the pleasure of the large room of spidery mobs and such.  I was trying to skin them when even more little spider dudes showed up! Run Run Run…

Anyway. We spent MOST of last night banging our heads against Sindragosa.. Well, maybe banging our heads against large blocks of ice that we had been encased in. The fight is actually not too complex once you figure it all out. Tankspot makes it look way too easy.. 😛 .. We didn’t get it down, but we did get to Phase 3 twice. Even got it to 25% health. It was tough trying to hide behind the ice blocks for a bit while trying to DPS the blocks and the boss.. Of course, I didn’t tell you that all but the first try we were running with 9 people. One of the healers had to go before the 2nd try.

There was talk by the RL that maybe we would extend the raid timer to enable us to, hopefully, get to the Lich King encounter.  I’m not sure if we are doing so or not. I am not sure I really care one way or the other. I think the main reason we are thinking about it is because, at least on 10-man, we end up sharding a bunch of the loot that drops anyway.. Of course, I can still use the rep and emblems..

Crypts_022010_201044 Oh! And I got my Warlock to level 67. One more to go until I can leave Outland behind! I started doing the quests in Terokkar for a change from Zangermarsh (I still had quests there… Amazing). But the real secret to my success is the daily random dungeon. I get almost a half a level given my rested xp and 2 pieces of heirloom gear. I AM running out of rested XP now though, so I guess she will go on a small “hiatus” until it’s built back up. It gets more important, though, in Northrend.

I’ve still got way too many games and way too little time to play them, of course. We also recorded this week’s Polygamerous on Saturday instead of it being tonight, so don’t forget… No show tonight.. The next episode will be up sometime this week and we’ll be back to Mondays next week.

Well, have a good time and I’ll let you know, at some point, how we do tonight!

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